The Company of Fifers & Drummers is governed by a Board of Directors, which is also called the Executive Committee and is made up of 5 Administrative Officers, with specific responsibilities for running the Company, and 10 Executive Officers. The Administrative Officers have the roles of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Together, the Administrative Officers are known as the Administrative Committee.

The responsibility of the Executive Committee is to oversee the Company‚Äôs activities and to carry out the mission of the Company. Company meetings are held quarterly at the Company of Fifers and Drummers HQ and Museum in Ivoryton, CT. 

Diagram showing the Governance Structure of The Company of Fifers & Drummers


Administrative Officers

  • The President chairs all meetings and conducts company business in accordance with the pdfCertificate of Incorporation and the pdfConstitution (Bylaws) 
  • The First Vice President performs the duties of the President when the President is unavailable and may run portions of meetings when the President is required to speak on a subject and cannot run the meeting at the same time.
  • The Second Vice President is responsible for responding to issues concerning delegate credentials if they arise, and performs the duties of the President when the President and First VP are unavailable.
  • The Secretary takes minutes of all meetings, keeps all records of the company, and reports the minutes to the body of the company.
  • The Treasurer keeps all financial records of the Company.


Executive Officers

The 10 Executive Officers oversee committee operations, perform duties assigned by the President, and report to the body when requested.


Board of Trustees

In addition to the Executive Committee, there is a Board of Trustees with a minimum of 5 members. These individuals have served as either an Administrative Officer or an Executive Officer, or both. The role of the Trustees is to ensure that the activities of the Company are consistent with its tax exempt purpose. If the Trustees determine that an activity of the company is inconsistent, they are required to report it to the Executive Committee and ensure that said activity terminates immediately.


The Body

The Body of the company is the corps delegates from corps that are members of the Company of Fifers & Drummers. The Body is responsible for sponsoring and/or voting on new corps membership into the company, voting on candidates for the Board, and voting on matters that the Board seeks approval from the Body for.