Member Corps

The following Corps are considered members in good standing in the Company of Fifers & Drummers. You can use this list of member corps to find a fife and drum corps near you. 

The Company of Fifers & Drummers has 48 registered members
Portsmouth, NH
This is a Junior corps incorporated February 2016, We seek to preserve and teach our musical heritage of fife and drum to students age 10 to 18. Members join free of charge.
1st Michigan Colonial Fife & Drum Corps
Sterling Heights, MI
Fife, Drum, & Colorguard.
Adamsville Ancients Fife and Drum Corps
Delmar, New York, USA
The Adamsville Ancients Fife and Drum Corps was established in 1988 as a non-profit organization in Delmar, New York, a suburb of Albany. The Adamsville Ancients march in local civic and holiday parades and travel throughout New York and New England to participate in many fife and drum musters. 
New Britain, CT
Basel Fasnacht Clique
Ancient Mariners
Guilford, CT
We play fife and drum music and we drink beer. We dress as sailors from the US Navy in the War of 1812.
Argovia Rebels Fife & Drum Corps
Schafisheim, Switzerland
The 2006 founded Argovia Rebels maintain the traditional fifes and drums, as played in New England an presented in period costumes. The formation is composed of the Colour Guard, the Drum Major, the Fifes, the Snare and Bass Drummer.
Bethpage Colonials
Bethpage, NY
Chester Fife and Drum Corps
Chester, CT USA
Established in 1868, one of the oldest continuous fife and drum corps.
Colonel John Chester Fife and Drum Corps
Wethersfield, CT
Col John Chester Fife and Drum Corps is CT's oldest Junior Fife and Drum Corps and is based out of Wethersfield CT. The corps was formed in 1940 and welcomes members ages 7-21. Col John rehearses on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 at Hanmer Elementary School, 50 Francis Street, Wethersfield.
An Irish-American fife & drum corps based out of Norwood, MA. Founded in 1953 after the dissolution of the Saint Catherine of Siena fife and drum corps in Norwood, MA.
Colonial Musketeers Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Hackettstown, NJ
The Colonial Musketeers Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps of Hackettstown, NJ is a traditional ancient fife and drum corps with members ranging in age from 19 years old to ??? Our uniforms represent the Revolutionary War era, and we play standard traditional fife and drum music.
Colonial Navy
Fall River, MA
Massachusetts State Naval Militia
Connecticut Blues Fife & Drum
Organized 1975 - Uniforms modeled after 1875 U.S. Army Infantry
Connecticut Patriots
Plainville, CT
The corps was organized during the summer of 1978 and plays a mix of traditional and contemporary selections. The corps preforms all throughout the East Coast, as well as, several trips to Europe.
Connecticut Rebels
Danbury, CT
Connecticut Valley Field Music
Marlborough, CT
19th Century, Civil War Era
Deep River Junior Ancients
Deep River, CT
Encourage the youth to learn and carry on the ancient art of fife and drum.
Basel, Switzerland
Just six fifers doing their best to find as many harmonies as possible...
Grand Republic Fife and Drum Corps
New England
The Grand Republic Fife and Drum Corps recreates the sounds of the 1890's by marrying the legacy of the music performed by Civil War veterans with the nostalgia of the Gilded Age.
Hanaford's Volunteers
Our goals are to provide educational opportunities in music, continue the tradition of early military music, to provide an opportunity for citizenship development, and to provide an opportunity for social interaction.
Higganum-Haddam Fife & Drum Corps
Higganum, CT
Formed in 1971
Kentish Guard Rhode Island Militia
East Greenwich, RI
The Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps is the field music of the Kentish Guards, RI Historic Militia, chartered October 29th, 1774. The original KGF&DC consisted of 2 fifers and 2 drummers, instructed by William Williams. The present KGF&DC was reorganized as a regimental sized unit in 1966.
Los Angeles Fifes & Drums
Los Angeles, CA
The Los Angeles Fifes & Drums is an organization made up of professional level musicians located in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. This group is fortunate to have members that have many years of experience on their particular instruments playing this style of music.
Middlesex County 4-H Fife and Drum Corps
Concord, MA
The Middlesex County 4-H Fife & Drum Corps was formed in 1972 as a 4-H club in Concord, Massachusetts, in anticipation of that town’s celebration of the United States bicentennial. Its members come from different towns in eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Members range in age from eight to eighteen.
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums was established in 1982 by Boston-area musicians who wished to further explore the traditional repertoires of the regimental fife and drum corps associated with the European or American armies during the American War for Independence, 1775-1783.
Monumental City Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Baltimore, MD
Promoting ancient style fife and drum music in Baltimore and the greater DMV (DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia) since 1950.
Moodus Drum & Fife Corps
Moodus, CT
The open stick "ancient" style of drumming, a hallmark of the Moodus Corps, has been reverently handed down from those ancient times to the present. When combined with the early 1800's Eli Brown drums this style creates a truly unique sound.
New Jersey Field Music
Newark, NJ
Nutmeg Volunteer Junior Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Groton, CT
Junior Fife and Drum Corps from Groton, CT founded in 1948.
Pawtuxet Rangers
Warwick, RI
Rhine River Rebels Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland
Following the Swiss Regimentals (disbanded 2001) some of the earlier Swiss Regimentals founded the Rhine River Rebels end of 2001. 2004 the RRR visited the DRAM and since then every 3rd year. RRR is closely connected to the Old Guard and MCV and is a partner corps of the CT Patriots.
Sailing Masters of 1812
Essex, CT
The Sailing Masters of 1812 is a 501(c)3 Corporation. We are dedicated to keeping ancient fifing & drumming as part of American Musical History and to keeping Essex's history alive. Our uniform is a Naval uniform of the third officer on board ship during the War of 1812, also known as the Sailing Master.
Second Company Governor's Foot Guard Field Music
Branford, CT
The Second Company Governor's Foot Guard is part of the Connecticut militia dating back to 1775. Field Music, Infantry and Color Guard are all part of today's Second Company Governor's Foot Guard.
Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps
Stony Creek, CT
The Stony Creek Fife & Drum Corps was founded in 1886 in the village of Stony Creek, CT. The Corps is an all-male organization with members ranging in age from 10 years old and up. The Corps is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of the founding members of the Company of Fifers & Drummers.
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie
Sudbury, MA
Teaching corps for ages 10 and up. No prior musical experience expected or required.
The Fifes and Drums of York Town
Yorktown VA
The Fifes and Drums of York Town was originally formed in 1976 by the County of York as part of the Bicentennial Celebration of the American Revolution. The Corps continues its mission to preserve and present Revolutionary War era fife and drum music to the public to this historically unique area.
The Musick of Prescott's Battalion
The Musick of Prescott's Battalion was established in 1993 and to perform and preserve fife and drum music from the period of George Washington's encampment in Cambridge Massachusetts. The ensemble's mission is to entertain and educate audiences about the role of these instruments in the War for Independence.
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Lafayette, IN
1750's French Marine
United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Washington, DC
The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps is the only unit of its kind in the armed forces, and is part of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). The Fife and Drum Corps is stationed at Fort Myer, VA.
Civil War era uniforms , organized 2016
Village Volunteers FDC
Delmar, NY
Founded in 1956, the Village Volunteers is a family corps based in the Albany, NY area. Members range in age from 10 to 50-plus, with a repertoire of some 60 tunes.
Westbrook Drum Corps
Westbrook, CT
In the winter of 1909-1910, a group of about 20 young men organized to form the Westbrook Drum Corps. fifers included: Ty and George Manstan, John and Chapman Holbrook, Alex Brooks, Gilbert Spencer, Irving Bohling, Charlie Clark, Fred Ames, Charlie Brainard, and Lee Kelsey. Bill McCoombs and Paul Hoxsie later join
Wild Bunch Drum & Fife Corps
Basel, Switzerland
The Wild Bunch Drum and Fife Corps from Basel perform in the "Ancient" American drum and fife style which is cultivated on the east coast of the USA. The name of the corps is derived from an infamous gang of lawless people.
Williamsburg Field Musick
Williamsburg, VA
Represents 18th Continental Line Fifes and Drums. Red regimentals with blue facings. Perform regularly in South Eastern US.
Windsor Fife & Drum Corps
Windsor, CT
The Windsor Fife and Drum Corps was established in January 1985. In the thirty years since it's founding, the Corps has performed in over 1,500 parades, musters and competitions.
Yalesville Fife and Drum Corps
Yalesville (Wallingford), CT
Ancient fife and drum corps. Originally formed in the late 1800's. Active through the 1950's. Reorganized in 1975 by a nucleus of Yalesville Junior alumni. The current Corps is looking forward to celebrating their 50th consecutive year of active participation in 2024.
Young American Patriots Fife & Drum Corps
Pleasanton, CA
One of a very few California-based fife & drum organizations. Founded in 2010 by former New Jersey fifer “Jersey-Jason” (student of legendary fifer Jimmy Douglas), YAPs is a performance-oriented junior corps dedicated to perpetuating the music, history & heritage of our nation's founding.
Young Colonials Jr. Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps
Carmel, NY
Introducing young people ages 8-18 to American History and Music