The following Books are available in the Archives. 

Adams, James T. Epic of America, The 1933 Ferrante
Amadeus Basel Yearbook of Musical 1987  
American Express Freedom Medals 1973  
American Heritage American Heritage Feb 1959 1959  
Ancient & Honorable Artillery Historie Book: A Tale of 2 Worlds & 5 centuries 1903 Ferrante
Arsenault, F Rudimental Percussionist, The 1993 Lemley
Bakeless, Katherine Glory Hallelujah 1944 K. Johansmeyer
Bakeless, Katherine & John Spies of the Revolution 1962 Shank, Mrs.
Barzun, Jacques Modern Researcher 1985  
Basel Historical Basel Historical Museum 1990 Teddy Lang
Bayard, Samuel P. Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife 1982 Arthur Ferrante
Bennett, Peter S. What Happened on Lexington Green?    
Benvenuti, Cataldo Morristown, The War Years 1775-1783 1979 Ferrante
Bierley, Paul John Philip Sousa, an American Phenomenon 1973 K. Johansmeyer
Bill, Alfred H. New Jersey and the Revolutionary War 1964 Ferrante
Blades, James Early Percussion Instruments 1976 Hetzel, John
Blocksidge, Kathleen M. Percussion and Pipe Bands    
Boston Globe Battle of Bunker Hill 1975  
Boston Globe Birth of Boston, The 1975  
Boston Globe Boston Tea Party 1975  
Boston Globe Great Boston Fire 1872, The 1975  
Boston Globe Lexington Concord Alarm 1975  
Bowood, Richard Soldiers, Soldiers 1965 Olsen
Boyd, James Marching On 1927  
Brave Eagle Fetterman Fight, The (Custer) 1972 Ferrante
Brown, Howard F. Historic Armories of Rhode Island 2000 Schoos
Bugaeff, Alex Pilgrims to Patriots 2012 Bugaeff
Camus, Raoul Military Music of the American Revolution 1976 Kentish Guards
Cappon, Lester Atlas of Early American History 1760-1790 1976  
Casterline, William From the Road to Boston ... Col. Wmsbg FDC 2008  
Catalog Connecticut League of History Organizations 1999  
Catalog Handbook for Historical Organizations 1975  
Catalog New England & Virginia Company 1998  
Catalog Nova Anglia Parchment Collection 1998  
CFD Official Program 1990 (3 copies) 1990  
Chittenden, Abraham Orderly Book 1922 Ferrante
Christ, Robert Fasnacht in Basel 1968 Nelson, Art
Clark, James Connecticut's Fife & Drum Tradition 2011 ?
Coffin, Charles C. Drum-Beat of the Nation 1899  
Colby Small Arms and Artillery of the ACW 1962  
Colby, C.B. Revolutionary War Weapons 1963 Ferrante
Connecticut State Major General John Sedgewick 1913  
Cromwell, CT Cromwell"s Bicentennial Events 1976 K. Johansmeyer
CT Government Documents of CT Government 2001  
Curtis, John O. New England Militia Uniforms & Accoutrements 1971 Doyle, Jack
Davis, Burke America's First Army 1962  
Dean, Mantle, Murray, Smart Tunes of Iron 2013 ?
Directory Historical Societies in US and Canada 1966  
Downey, Fairfax Fyfe, Drum & Bugle 1971  
EIDG 1986 Program 1986  
Elson, Louis Pocket Music Dictionary 1909 Mrs. George N. Lee
Fast, Howard Crossing, The 1971 Heermans, Jerry
Fiore, Jordan Noble Train of Artillery 1976  
Frisch, Michael Shared Authority, A 1990  
Gara, Larry Liberty Line, The 1961  
Gardner Photographic Scetchbook of ACW 1959  
General Electric From Muskets to Missiles 1960 Ferrante
Giblin, James Cross Fireworks, Picnics and Flags 1983  
Gomes, Frank Bicentennial Edition, Who's Who in Drum Corps 1976 3 copies
Gordon, Ann D. Using the Nation's Documentary Heritage 1992  
Greenwich Maritime Museum 1776 The British Story of the Am. Revolution 1976 Ferrante
Guthorn, Peter J. American Maps and Map Makers 1966 Ferrante
Guthorn, Peter J. British Maps of the American Revolution 1972 Ferrante
Hall, Major Mike With Trumpet, Drum and Fife 2013 ?
Hart, Mickey Planet Drum 1991  
Heald College Oxford American Dictionary 1980 Cifaldi
Herman, Peter Unsere Fasnacht 1971  
Hisama, Allen Remembering Ruth Crawford Seeger 2001  
Hoskins, Barbara Men From Morris County New Jersey in the AWI   Ferrante
Jacklin, Bob Story of Drums, The    
Jufer, Max Mit Trommel und Pfeife 1994 Swiss Colonials
Kantor, MacKinlay Long Remember 1934  
Ketchum, Richard M. Winter Soldiers, The 1973 Ferrante
Khachaturian, Aram Gayne Ballet Suite # 1 score 1948  
Klinger, Robert Sketch Book 76 1967  
Lockwood & Merritt History of Battle-Flag Day 1879  
Lockwood & Merritt History of Battle-Flag Day 1879  
Lord, Francis A. and Wise, A. Bands and Drummer Boys of the Civil War 1966 Arthur Ferrante
Manning, James H. Albany Zouave Cadets 1910  
Marker, Sherry Illustrated History of the United States 1988  
Matloff, Maurice Revolutionary War, The   Ferrante
Mauldin, Bill Mud & Guts - the Common Soldier of the Am. Revolution 1978 K. Johansmeyer
May, Robin British Army in North America, 1775-1783 1974 Ferrante
McGregor, Malcolm American Revolution uniforms,weapons 1987  
McKinney, Harold M. Discovering Music 1934 Arthur Ferrante
Metal Arts Treasure Book of Emblems   Ferrante
Mollo, John Uniforms of the American Revolution 1975 Ferrante
Moore, Frank Songs and Ballads of the AWI 1856  
Moore, Warren Weapons & Accoutrements of the Am. Rev. 1967 Ferrante
Nebenzahl, Kenneth Atlas of the American Revolution 1975  
Nef, Walter Alte Musikinstrumente in Basel 1974 Teddy Lang
Notestine, Sherman Illuminated Declaration of Independence 1905  
Owens, Victor F. Kentish Guards Drum Major Manual 1992  
Peterson, Harold Arms and Armor in Colonial America 1956 Olsen
Railsback, Thomas Drums Would Roll, The 1987 Johannsmeyer, K
Rankin, Col. Robert H. Uniforms of the Marines 1970 Ferrante
Rankin, Robert H. Uniforms of the Army 1967 Ferrante
Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Family Songbook 1969 Arthur Ferrante
Reibel, Daniel Registration Methods for the Small Museum 1978  
Riling, Joseph R. Baron von Steuben and His Regulations 1966 Boddie
Roberts, Jerry British Raid on Essex, The 2014 Roberts
Rocco, Keith Heith Rocco Print Catalog 2000  
Ryan, Dennis P. New Jersey in the American Revolution 1974 Ferrante
Schnetz, Peter Fasnacht 69 1969 Nelson, Art
Schnetz, Peter Fasnacht 70 1970 Nelson, Art
Schnetz, Peter Fasnacht 70 1970 Dave Boddie Coll.
Schweizer Basel 1968 Dave Boddie Coll.
Severe & Case American Military Uniforms 1776-1876 coloring book 1976 FIC
Seymour, George D. Documentary Life of Nathan Hale 1941 Ferrante
Shaara, Jeff Glorious Cause, The 2002  
Silverman, Jerry Songs and Stories of the American Revolution 1994  
Simon, George T. Big Bands, The 1967  
Sloane, Irving Making Musical Instruments 1991 Sloane
Smith, Samuel S. Battle of Monmouth, The 1964 Ferrante
Sower, Christopher Centenary Firms and Corporations 1892  
Sperry, Armstrong John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor 1953 Ferrante
Stage, Lacy Birth of America, The 1975 Ferrante
Stave & Sutherland Talking About CR: Oral History in the Nutmeg State 1985  
Thurheimer, David Landmarks of the Revolution in New York State 1972 FIC
Todd, Kredel Soldiers of the American Army 1954  
U.S. News & World Report 200 Years A Bicentennial Illustrated History 1973 Ferrante
Urwin, Gregory The United States Infantry 1988 Arthur Ferrante
Various Tambouren und Pfeifer der Schweiz 1990 Lombreiser, Roman
Villanueva, Marcel French Contribution to Founding of the U.S. 1975 Ferrante
VKB 100 Joor VKB Vereinigte Kleinbasler 1984  
VKB 3 VO 365 - a book on Basle Fasnacht 1973 Nelson, Art
von Steuben Revolutionary War Drill Manual reprint 1794 K. Johansmeyer
von Steuben, Baron F.W. Baron von Steuben's Rev. War Drill Manual 1794  
Washington D.C. First 100 Years of the Smithsonian 1946  
Weaver, Ward Hang My Wreath 1941  
Weissman, George Oom Pah Pah The Great American Band    
Werstein, Irving 1776 The Adventure of the Am Revolution 1962 Ferrante
Wolfe, Richard Secular Music in America, Vol 2 & 3 1965  
  American revolution Bicentennial 1975  
  Box of miscellaneous History periodicals 1985  
  Old North Church, The