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Introduction. Starting a corp. Jim Reagan. Early contests. 00:00
NYF&DA meeting the day of the Pearl Harbor attack 07:28
Mrs. Trapp and learning recorder 10:38
Loyalty Day parades. Providing rehearsal space to Sons of Liberty. Bobby Thompson. 16:19
Sons of Liberty's tenure at St. Cecelia's. Upgrades to the church. Fighting generation apathy. Portland drum corps. Resurgence of Ancient corps. 21:37
Doing business with Doc Briller at his store in the Bowery. Marching corps. Noah Webster corps. Ziolkowski's home in South Dakota. 28:05
St. Mary of the Isle corps. Helen Andreoli. Reunion of the Edgemere corps alumni. 37:15
Father Lerner (continues over side break) 44:53
Side Break 46:19
More on Father Lerner. Teaching with George Ripperger. 46:21
Meeting somone from the old neighborhood on a cruise 50:13


Archival Notes

Date: December, 1973

Interviewed by Ed Olsen with Jay Toumey

Tape #25

File Length 52 min.