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Setup and Introduction 00:00
First instructors. Albert Fry breaking from Warehouse Point and starting Enfield, late 30s. Fred Veering learning Ancient style. 01:38
Playing down in Manchester 04:36
Early corps memories, interacting with Yalesville, Moodus. Redican, VonDeck. Redican's skills 06:02
Broad Brook Modern, Windsor, Johnsonville Center (1940 convention), Dick Torpey. 09:56
VonDeck's skill, 1937 National Champion, Manchester AL post. Ed's stories from VonDeck's wake with Tommy Irwin, Sonny Lyons, & Ed Classey. Von Deck et al teaching American Legion corps. St. Camillus corps from Rockaway, NY. 11:07
Mr. Root from Hazardville 15:48
More on Fred Veering, Rudy (Gurl- sp?), Mike Kilty 16:34
Kenny Sheldon (played with Enfield Street). Fifing, drumming, writing 21:40
The current Warehouse Point junior corps. Memories of the Modern competition class. Kermit Parker. Decline of CF&DA. 23:04
CT Gov. William O'Neill's assistance to the Company and public accolades. Lessons with Joe Hanson (East Hampton). Other famous F&D alumni 26:51
Noah Webster, Korczak Ziolkowski, the Brown drums in South Dakota. 29:12
Closing remarks 31:26


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Ed Olsen and Randy Stack

Date: 9/22/1996

Tape #18 Side A

File Length 32 min.