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Introduction (same day as 2nd part of Wick interview). Use of four different sizes of fifes in Switzerland, 1500s-1600s. 00:00
Swiss influence on F&D throughout Europe. Tunes played at the Battle of Marignano (1515) in the Alte Schweizermärsche. 01:50
Pipe & Tabor tradition in France 03:35
The Kesselflicker (medley). Unplayed Roy Watrous tunes commemorating the Civil War. Ed Classey's writing. The Mariner 'work' ethic. Ordinance against practicing on drums in Basel. Number of drummers and fifers in Basel. 06:00
Clique cellars. Olympia's spaces and organization. 09:12
Olympia's Alti Garde. Surviving Fasnacht. Similarities between Fasnacht and DRAM. 15:08
Swiss and US styles treating fife and drum as equal partners. Drum solos and competition. Origins of the 'standstill'. The Deep River Field Day founded 1949. Moeller suggesting term 'Muster'. Drum-only corps. 18:47
Function of drum solos in Basel. Reasoning behind Olympia's fixed playlist. Function of the drum major. 24:16
Fruitful results of the Swiss Mariners' visit 30:41
Cliques vs STV. Olympia's visits to the US in 1967 & 1939 (first clique to visit US). Olympia founded 1908 out of VKB. 32:50
Discussing the formation of an international community of fife and drum organizations. The German F&D traditions. 35:38
The Wallis F&D style. A group from Visp (Wallis) playing on Cooperman plastic fifes after requesting a repair of a Ted Kurtz fife. 40:11
Importance of corps preserving traditional playing styles. Concluding remarks. 44:00


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Ed Olsen

Date: July 1976

Tape #26 Side B

File Length 47 min.