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Introduction & early snare drum instruction from John Smith, Buddy Ryan 00:00
First CF&DA contest with South Meriden. Instructors. Competing against North Branford. 02:20
Yalesville competing against Lancraft, Stony Creek. Performing with the City Park Cadets pre-WWII. 04:50
Rebuilding the Yalesville corps. On female members. 06:13
Bob Redican & Howie Keneally. Switching to fife. 07:10
Taking up Scottish piping with Jack Dunn in West Haven. Bowen's father. Desperately needing fifers. 09:10
Leaving Yalesville for pipe bands 11:00
Service with the Navy in Vietnam. Moving to Canada in 1968. 11:43
The possibility of allowing pipe bands into the Company. 13:40
Bowen's fear of coming to Jaybird Day. Desire to return to Connecticut. Corps near Canada. Bowen's son's desire to play BD in Connecticut. 14:03
Grace's relief that Bowen attended. 16:35
Getting beat up by older drum corps kids and having to persevere. 17:05
A new Junior corps in Yalesville 17:40
Closing remarks 18:21


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Ed Olsen with Grace Bowen and Randy Stack

Date: October 5, 1976

Tape #19

File Length 19 min.