Interview Transcription

A transcription of the interview is available in PDF format below. Once you have the PDF file open you may search for specific content inside the file. The Transcription of this interview starts halfway down the first page.

pdf Open Interview Transcription


Introduction 00:00
Enfield Street (founded 1936) w/ Kenny Sheldon, Tommy Balf et al. Matt Patterson. Mr. Root. 02:17
Enfield's style due to instruction by Eden(sp?) Sawyer. Dennis and Mike Kilty. Veering's cigars. Kenny Sheldon. 04:04
Rudy Gurl (sp?) 07:54
Style of the corps in the local area. More on Freddy. The Father Matthews corps. 09:19
More on Sawyer. Founding Stony Creek. Yalesville and the LaRue's. 13:38
Jaybirds Day 17:17
Ernie Morelli. More on Freddy 18:40
Concluding remarks 21:48


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Ed Olsen with Randy Stack

Date: 9/22/1996

Tape #18 Side B

File Length 26 min.