It is the goal of the Company to ensure that research materials unique to the archives in the Museum of Fife & Drum are made available to the community. It will be a multi-year project to digitize these holdings, and because of their breadth any digitization will be prioritized to ensure those items that are most specific to the Company of Fifers & Drummers or that are unique to the collection are presented first. The Archives Committee will work with members to service requests for access to information where possible. 


Fife and Drum

The Sons of Liberty The Sons of Liberty, 1952 1952
Art Ferrante Tapes

Tape 1 - Appears to be from a competition or muster as there are a variety of groups featured.

Tape 2 - Art Ferrante, Tony Clemente, Pete Holler are playing Fife; Al "Duke" Terreri is the Drummer.

F5, date unknown. F9, 1965


Rudimental Drumming

Frank Fancher Album Frank Fancher 1960
Eric Perrilloux Recordings Eric Perrilloux Multiple



Ed Olsen Interview Art Schrader Nov. 23, 1989
Old Sturbridge Village Meeting Bonnie Wade (Brown Univ.), Debbie Waldman (Brown Univ.), Ed Olsen, Art Schrader (OSV), Joe Tatter (Mariners) 1974-1975