The archives of the Museum of Fife & Drum contain numerous videos of variable historical significance. In an effort to make the most significant artifacts available to the community key artifacts will be prioritized and published digitally when possible. These videos will be made available in a publicly accessible location on YouTube so that all can utilize them. See below for links to specific playlists. 


Archival Videos

Ed Classey DVD
  • Eddie Classey on Building Drums
  • Eddie Classey on Drum Technique
  • Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion Rehearsal
  • Sonny Lyons Drumming
  • Jam Session
abt. 1993


Summer Concerts

Playlist TitlePerformers
2022 Summer Concert Series
  • Deep River Junior Ancients and The Grand Republic Fife and Drum Corps
2019 Summer Concert Series
  • Connecticut Blues, Ancient Mariners, Stony Creek
  • Lancraft Fife & Drum Corps and the Company Kids Anniversary Corps
  • Chester Fife and Drum Corps
  • Yalesville Senior Ancient Drum Corps
  • Deep River Junior Ancients
  • Confluence
2018 Summer Concert Series
  • Stony Creek Fife & Drum Corps
  • The Wild Bunch Drum 'n' Fife Corps
  • Rhine River Rebels
  • Connecticut Patriots
  • Sailing Masters of 1812
  • The Chester Fife and Drum Corps
  • The Bristol County Fifes and Drums
  • 100 Years of Duke: A Musical Tribute to Duke Terreri
  • The 21st Grey Coat Battalion Fife and Drum Corps
2017 Summer Concert Series
  • Lancraft
  • Connecticut Blues
  • Argovia Rebels
  • Connecticut Valley Field Music
  • Mountaneers
  • Marquis of Granby
  • Deep River Junior Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
  • The Grand Republic Fife and Drum Corps
2016 Summer Concert Series
  • Bluff Point Quahog Diggers
  • Los Angeles Fifes and Drums
  • Middlesex County Volunteers
  • Marquis of Granby Junior Fife and Drum Corps
  • Connecticut Valley Field Music 
  • Moodus Drum and Fife Corps
  • Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps
  • Kentish Guards Rhode Island Militia