Camp is a terrific experience and our young musicians learn a lot. But, it is not designed for the beginning fife or drum student. If kids are sent to camp before they are musically ready, they will be overwhelmed. Because we want camp to be a good experience for everyone, we have the following guidelines:



Camp is open to those who will be 9 years old by the start of camp and includes members of the current year’s graduating class. The maximum age is 18. 


Musical Requirements

  • Campers must be playing members of their corps - not members of the color guard who are learning how to play their instruments and trying to earn their corps instruments.
  • Campers must be able to play their corps’ street music (or basic corps music) proficiently. 
  • Campers must have marched in the line in their corps for a marching season playing the instrument they will be playing at camp. On occasion, this requirement has been relaxed for some musicians who are typically older and have learned their instruments quickly but would not have had the opportunity to march for a whole season with their corps. If you have any questions about this, please ask.
  • Campers must be able to play the the Placement Assessment Music (not the Ensemble Assessment Music) without considerable help and without a considerable amount of learning. It is often helpful to look at the Placement Assessment Music from the past. 


Have Questions?

Are you still not sure if your child or corps member is ready? Or, would you rather talk to someone about your child's readiness for camp? Sure! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.