This is a pre-coronavirus draft schedule. Some timelines change each year. 



For 2021, arrival will likely be staggered. You will receive more information about your particular child’s arrival time closer to July.

  • Sign-in will be between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at The Incarnation Center on Tuesday morning of camp. Please do not plan to arrive earlier than this as some of our staff members who live locally will be arriving themselves.
  • Parents/guardians are welcome to help their child/children check-in, carry their luggage to their rooms, and view the facilities. But, after this, all families need to say goodbye to their campers. For insurance purposes, we may only have staff and campers on the The Incarnation Center grounds after drop-off. 
  • We have both parking areas and luggage drop off areas available for you. We also have volunteers to assist you with both parking and carrying luggage and other items. Look for older campers with empty hands who are asking if you need help!
  • Those individuals who are driving themselves to camp may park in designated areas. Once the car is parked, it is to remain there until the end of the week.


This is a draft schedule based on prior years. It will change slightly and will be made available each day at camp, so there is no need to memorize it. 



9:00-11:00 Check-in on The Quad. Put belongings in rooms.
11:00-11:45 Camp welcome and information in the Quad
11:45–12:30 Sectionals
12:30-1:30 Lunch at the Lodge
1:30-3:00 Sectionals
3:00-3:30 Break time with snacks at the Lodge
3:30-5:00 Sectionals
5:00-6:00 Dinner at the Lodge
6:15 Load buses for The Company Concert
7:00 Tuesday Night Concert Series at The Company Hall
8:30 Load buses to go back to Camp
  • Free for practicing and socializing
  • All drumming must stop at this time, but you may play on pads in the Great Room at the Lodge
  • Fifers may air fife or play in the lower register
  • Be respectful of the other people on site that may not love fife and drum as much as we do.
10:00 Quiet time! All campers must have lights out!




A note for early risers: We prefer to have the campers sleep as much as possible since our days are very full. But, we also understand that kids are individuals. We allow quiet activities for those who wake up early starting at 7:00am in the Quad, weather permitting or in the Great Room in The Lodge. Children who wake up earlier should be prepared to read quietly in their rooms using a book light so that they do not wake their roommate. This applies every morning. 


8:30-9:15 Breakfast
8:45 Instructor meeting in Lodge Great Room
9:15-10:00 Sectionals
10:15-11:40 Marching rehearsal on field.
11:45-12:30 Sectionals
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 Ensemble musician rehearsal/Sectional rehearsals
3:00-3:30  Break time with snacks at the Lodge
3:30-4:30  Masterclass 
4:30-5:30  Full corps rehearsal with music on field
6:00-7:00  Dinner at The Lodge 
7:15-9:00  Visiting artist session in Lodge Great Room
9:00-11:00  Free for practicing and socializing. Younger campers must have lights out at 10:00pm. Older campers must have lights out at 11:00pm.



8:00-8:45 Breakfast
9:00-10:00  Sectionals
10:00-11:00 Marching practice on field with Instruments
11:00-12:30  Sectionals/Ensemble
12:30-1:30   Lunch at The Lodge
1:30-3:00  Sectionals
2:15-3:00  All fifers on Quad
3:00-3:30  Break time with snacks at the Lodge
3:30-4:30  Masterclasses
4:30-5:15  Full corps rehearsal on Quad with instruments and music
5:00-6:00  Dinner at The Lodge 
6:30-8:00  Game and Social Night
8:30-9:00  Ice cream sundae making
9:30-11:00  Free time.
Younger campers - lights out at 10:00pm.
Older campers may stay up until 11:00pm.



10:00-11:00  Brunch at The Lodge (Healthy snacks will be provided prior to this in the Lodge Great Room.)
10:00-11:00  Ensemble musician sectionals (Ensemble brunch time, TBA - Don't worry - you WILL eat. We promise. We are aware of this schedule conflict.)
12:30-1:30   Run performance on the field
1:30-2:00  Closing statements and direction for rehearsal at Muster Field.

Parents pick up (please do not arrive earlier than 2:00pm)

  • Parents MUST sign you out with your chaperone!
  • Campers, you may not leave the premises without being with your designated representative.
  • In order to get your T-shirt your parents must check you out from your chaperone.
  • Chaperones will have your T-shirts. You must have a T-shirt to perform.
  • Do not wear camp T-shirts until we meet on the Muster field!

Meet at the Muster Field entrance chute wearing your camp T-Shirt.

We will have a dress rehearsal of the performance on the muster field.


Tattoo starts

  • Be near the chute with your instrument after the Deep River Juniors perform.
  • We will go on shortly after that.
  • Do not play your instrument while other corps are performing.

After the performance, there is much rejoicing! You now belong to your parents again!