Due to the large number of Campers it is important that parents understand the timing of three critical events: Drop off on Tuesday, Pick up on Friday, and the report time for the performance at the Deep River Muster Tattoo Friday evening. 

Sign-in will begin at 9:00 am at The Incarnation Center on Tuesday morning.  Please do not plan to arrive earlier than this because the staff will be busy preparing. 

  • We have both parking areas and luggage drop off areas available for you.  We also have volunteers to assist you with both parking and carrying luggage and other items.  Look for older campers with empty hands who are asking if you need help!
  • Older campers who are driving themselves to camp may park in designated areas. Once the car is parked, it is to remain there until the end of the week.  If you are a camper, you may not drive your car during the week.
  • All luggage, instruments, and other personal effects should be brought with you to the orientation and should not be left in cars or with parents.  No campers may go into the parking lots during camp even if they are 18.
  • Parents/guardians are welcome to help their child/children check-in, carry their luggage to their rooms, and view the facilities.  But, after this, all families need to say goodbye to their campers.  We may only have staff and campers on the The Incarnation Center grounds after drop-off.  
  • After signing in, you will be introduced to your chaperones, and an introductory Welcome-to-Camp activity will be provided. Please remain in the designated area until orientation is complete.

At 10:00am, campers will meet with their instructors, and the fun will begin!


Parents or a designated representative must pick their camper up on Friday at 2:00pm from the Camp.

Please don’t arrive early, though! We will send you away since we are busy up until 2:00 p.m. preparing for the performance at the Tattoo. We know that this is tricky timing and we really appreciate your patience and cooperation.  Parents, especially those who are driving distances, if you arrive earlier than 2:00, please hang out by your cars.  Read, look at your cell phones, talk to one another. Just don't wander on the field to where we are. The time on the field right before we finish is very special and is only for campers and staff. We will turn you away, kindly, if you come on the field.  

  • Parents/guardians/designated representatives MUST sign out campers from chaperones.
  • Campers may not leave the premises without being with a designated representative.
  • In order to get your T-shirt your designated adult must check you out from your chaperone.  
  • Chaperones will have your T-shirts. You must have a T-shirt to perform.
  • Do not wear camp T-shirts until we meet on the Muster Field!


The camp musicians perform in the Deep River Ancient Muster Tattoo on Friday night.  Prior to this, we have a rehearsal on the Muster Field which is located at Devitt Field, 15 Southworth Street (corner of Main Street and Southworth Street), Deep River, Connecticut.  Directions to the field will be provided if necessary.

It is the parent’s responsibility to get their camper to The Deep River Ancient Muster Field by 5:00pm for rehearsal. Do not be late!  Keep in mind that traffic in the Connecticut area can be really bad, so plan that into your schedule!  (Traffic is not an excuse for being late to rehearsal.)

  • Families, make sure that your camper is wearing his/her camp T-shirt at 5:00pm.
  • Please get make sure that the Camper gets something to eat before rehearsal. 

At 7:00pm, the Tattoo will start.  

Campers should be near the Muster Field entrance chute with instruments after the Deep River Juniors perform as The Camp performs shortly after this.

Families, please help the campers remember not to play instruments while other corps are performing.