Please label everything with the camper’s name. 


Packing List

  • Music
    • Instrument, drum pad, drum sticks, drum case, fife case, slings, mallets
    • Music stand clearly marked with your name.
    • Clothespins or clips to hold your music onto your stand. We practice outside and it gets windy. 
    • Copies of all your camp music in a folder or binder. Please don't forget to print all your music!  We recommend making extras in case you lose a copy or if other campers lose theirs
    • Pencils with erasers for marking music. Please do not use pen.
  • Marching/Outdoor activities
    • Refillable water bottle 
    • Appropriate footwear for marching - closed-toe shoes! Do not wear flip-flops, open-toe sandals, and other shoes that lack proper support. They can make one prone to injury and can also make marching rather difficult.
    • Sunblock
    • Insect repellent
    • Hat
  • Toiletries/Camp Living
    • Towel, washcloth, toiletries, and shower caddy
    • Deodorant. Please do not forget this - please.
    • Pillow and bedding - either a sleeping bag or a sheet and blanket since a sleeping bag can get hot
    • Backpack to use during the day to keep belongings together
    • Personal items, medications, etc.
    • Cards, non-electronic games of all kinds, book(s)
    • Small electric fan
    • Raincoat​
    • Camera


Cell Phones and Your Camper

We don't ban cell phones at camp but we carefully monitor their usage. Most campers use their cell phones appropriately as metronomes, tuners, and cameras. In fact, it may be useful to download these apps before camp.

But, we are careful that cell phones don't get in the way of human interaction or in the way of instruction. We expect every camper to focus on the scheduled instruction or activity. This means that campers will not be texting, calling, or using their phone in any other way during instruction, rehearsals, or other programmed activity. If we find that a camper is unable to live up to these expectations of appropriate use, we will put their cell phone away for the day. We have high expectations in this area and our campers have lived up to our expectations.

There is no wifi available to campers. 


Cell Phones and Parents/Guardians

Along those lines, sometimes parents with first-time campers feel that calling or texting their children will help ease anxiety for new campers. In our experience, this is not true and in fact, hearing a family member's voice can increase feelings of homesickness for an otherwise very happy child. Please do not constantly text or call your children. It is not helpful. Trust that we truly care for the well-being of your child and want every camper to have a wonderful, positive experience at fife and drum camp! 

We will always lend children a phone to call parents should the need arise. If there is a reason for us or for your children to contact you, we will always do this.


How Many Changes of Clothes Should Your Child Pack?

Every year, campers wheel in enormous suitcases with enough clothes to last them a month or longer. They typically don't need this and it just takes up space in the room.

Please check the weather report since it can be helpful to have a change or two of clothes if it looks like there might be rain. July is typically warm in Connecticut. Most children don't use a sweatshirt during camp. However, you know your child best!  That said, some years are cooler and kids were happy to have a light sweatshirt at night. Check the weather report and regardless, please don't pack for a month!