What is an Ensemble Musician?

Ensemble musicians are more experienced, more mature musicians who want an intense musical challenge during camp.  To become an Ensemble musician, a camper needs to audition.  In addition to playing the Placement Assessment piece, those wishing to be ensemble musicians must play the Ensemble Audition piece. Those chosen for the Ensemble musician program will perform the Ensemble piece at the Deep River Ancient Muster Tattoo on Friday night. The Ensemble Musician spots will be limited to 4 bass drummers, 6-8 snare drummers, and around 12 fifers. 



Parents, are you trying to determine if your child is ready to audition for the Ensemble group?   Here are some good guidelines:

  • Ensemble musicians should be able to sight read the ensemble music, and all audition music, without help.
  • Ensemble musicians should be able to play all the music independently.
  • Ensemble musicians should be able to stay focused for long periods of time as a productive member of the group.
  • Ensemble musicians should be able to accept constructive criticism about their playing.
  • Ensemble musicians will have excellent time-management skills and will submit their audition videos earlier than the deadline. 
  • Ensemble musicians should be able to help others.


If this is difficult (or impossible) for your young musician to do this year, no worries!  Audition to be an Ensemble musician next year - or the year after.


If campers who are auditioning to be Ensemble Musicians submit either their Placement Assessment Videos or Ensemble Audition Videos late, they will not be considered for Ensemble Musician placement.