There is no audition requirement to get into camp, however, every camper must submit a Placement Assessment Video of the Camper playing a selection of their choosing that demonstrates their ability by June 15. Please state the name of the piece you are playing!

Our musical staff uses this video to assess the playing level of the each musician and to group our campers in the best way.   


How to make your Placement Assessment Videos

  • ​Record your Placement Assessment Video however you would like, and then load your video to YouTube. 
  • If you have trouble uploading your video to YouTube, we have a step-by-step instruction sheet that explains how to do this in detail.  Please do not use proprietary software and email your video to us. 
  • Send the link to your video to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Your YouTube video should not be set to "private."  If it is, we cannot view it.  If you do not want it to be public, please set it to "unlisted."
  • The video must include the Placement Assessment piece of your choice, make sure you state the name of the piece.
  • When you submit your Placement Assessment videos, please introduce yourself in your video.  For instance, you might say, “I am Scotty Greenstreet.  I am a snare drummer.”
  • You must play on your instrument.  If you are a drummer, you cannot use drum pads.  


Placement Assessment Video Tips

  • You do not need to memorize the music when you are making your video
  • Make sure we can see your hands in the video.  Drummers, we want to see your drumming.  Fifers, we want to see you play the fife.  So, back up - but not too far! 
  • If you are auditioning for the Ensemble Group, you must play both pieces and state that you wish to be considered for the ensemble group.  (See below.)  
  • Everyone must submit the Placement Assessment Video - even if you've been in the Ensemble Group or even if you feel that your child should be in a beginning group.  
  • Ensemble Audition Videos are due by June 1st.  Ensemble Auditions are optional.  Please read below to find out more.  
  • Drum Majors do not need to submit a video.


Ensemble Musicians

If your child is a more mature person and a more experienced musician who would like an intense challenge at camp, we encourage you to review the Ensemble Musician information to see if they might want to audition to be an Ensemble Musician.