Don Mason, Director

don mason

Don Mason has been involved as an instructor in the Junior Camp for 20 yrs and has now moved into the Camp Director role.

Don began playing bass drum in the Connecticut Yanks Drum Corps in 1965 and played with the Corps until it disbanded in 1976. After attending college, Don joined the Connecticut Patriots Sr. Fife and Drum Corps where he has played since 1980 and is now the Director. Don has competed for many years in individuals, duets and quartets, as well as with the Corps. Don is also a member of the Connecticut Valley Field Music Corps where he plays a bass drum that is more than 100 years old.

Don’s family has long been active in drum corps; he met his wife Patricia in the CT Patriots and their children, Brendan, Colin, Peter, and Maureen have all participated in the Fife and Drum Camp and are currently in the Connecticut Patriots.

Don has taught bass drum with the CT Patriots, the Middlesex County Volunteers from the Boston area, and the Col. John Fife and Drum Corps from Wethersfield, CT. He is a past president of the Connecticut Fifers and Drummers Association.


Other Key Staff

  • Sue Gozzo Andrews
  • Cathy Strange Robbins – Camp Nurse
  • Bekka Brown – Lead Chaperone
  • Carol Sullivan – Lead Chaperone