Tanya Morrisett, Director

2022 will mark Tanya's first exciting year as Director - in person! - of Junior Camps since she took over in the summer of 2019.  She was Camp's Assistant Director for five years and a chaperone for one year. 

tanya morrisett

For many years, Tanya was the Business Manager and Treasurer for the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps of Lexington, MA. She was the Director and co-founder of the Finger Lakes Fife and Drum Corps, of Ithaca, NY. A member of the Adamsville Ancients, she has only one thing to say to folks, "Gingham Forever!" She's carried the clam rake for the Quahogs and fifed with both Menotomy and Sudbury. In addition, Tanya holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and spends a whole lot of time raising money and working for non-profit organizations. 

Tanya lives on a tiny island - Roosevelt Island! - in the middle of the East River in NYC. Come visit!  She's thrilled to be the Director of Junior Camp and can't wait to welcome the young people of our community back! Huzzah!


Katie Pakenham, Director of Green Team & Donations

katie pakenhamKatie joined the Middlesex County 4-H Fife & Drum Corps when she was 7 and grew up playing around the Old North Bridge and along Battle Road. She aged out when she started high school but continued to teach, and joined MCV where she played for 9 years.

After college, Katie joined an early stage City Year, a kind of peace corps for the inner city, just as it was helping to spark AmeriCorps and the community and national service movement. Steeped in a dynamic community of Social Entrepreneurs, Katie devoted her life to youth development nonprofit program, growth strategy, talent, and network engagement.

At first, this eclipsed fife and drum, and Katie took a 7 year hiatus from her fifing. She returned to fife and drum when Cap founded the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers Band and is probably back for life.

In 2008, Katie and a handful of campers and friends founded the Green Team to raise awareness and money for camp scholarships and to help our F&D community get a little more environmentally friendly. In 2009 she started helping out behind the scenes at Camp and wears whatever hats are needed, but is usually organizing or helping to support something.



​Liz Cuccia, Intern

liz cucciaAssistant to the Director

Liz Cuccia has been playing the fife for 14 years! She started out with the Young Colonials at age 5, and she was the Fife Sergeant for 6 years. She performed in Disney World twice with the Young Colonials before she aged out.

​Now, Liz is a member of The Regulators Senior Fife and Drum Corps, and she is also a founding member of The Lighthouse Brigade. She went to Camp for 6 years and was an Ensemble fifer for 4 years.