Meet our Instructors for the current season. Instructor lists are finalized and posted each year prior to the start of Camp. 


Fife Instructors

Natasha Enos

natasha enos

Natasha Enos is a fifer with the Quahogs and absolutely loves the shenanigans they get into! She grew up with the Nutmeg Juniors after seeing them in the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Natasha lives in Hawaii with her husband (who she met at camp!) and their little girl, Elsie. Her favorite song is Jump at the Sun and she will conveniently forget how to play Old Saybrook every time it is called at a jam session. She so looks forward to being back at camp and having the greatest time!


Candy Guastamachio

candy guastamachio

Candy Guastamachio took an unusual route to the world of fife & drum. She's a flute player with a degree in music and she taught for 3 junior corps (from the late 70s to the early 90s) before ever joining a corps herself. In 1994, her family joined the Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums. In recent years, she's taught for the Marquis of Granby and has played with Ameri-Clique, the Bluff Point Quahogs, Connecticut Valley Field Music and Nathan Hale. 

Candy is a retired public school music teacher. She's taught Band, Orchestra, Choir & General Music in Massachusetts, Connecticut & Vermont. Upon retirement, she left behind the program in East Hartford, Connecticut, where she was very proud of her 165 member marching band. She's also a retired United States Army musician, having spent 21 years as a member of the 94th Army Band. Candy tells musicians that the most important part of any musical activity is to, "Have fun & do your best!"


Bill Hart

This is Bill Hart's tenth time teaching at the camp. Bill began fifing in 1969, when his father joined the Colonial Navy of Mass. His first corps was Barton's Raider's of Tiverton, RI. He has been a member of the Independent Light Dragoons, Colonial Navy, the CT Blues, The CT Rebel's, and  the Sailing Masters and is a founding member and director of Ameri-Clique. He has taught several corps junior and senior corps, and is currently the instructor for Deep River, Westbrook and the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers Band. His arrangements have been played by numerous fife and drum corps, including the CT Blues, CT Patriots, CT  Rebels and Black River Fife and Drum. He has published two collections of fife arrangements and an exercise book for fifers. He recorded the Company Book II, the Watrous Book and the Sons of LIberty Book for the Company of Fifers and Drummers. He has won individual, duet and quartet medals in CT and Northeastern competition. With Tishka Musco, he created the ensemble the Muster Bunch and recorded the CD "Planxty Pauline". He created the ensemble the Madison Street Project  and produced the CD "The Last Hour". He has produced three CD's of electronic music.


John Morrisett

john morrisett

John Morrisett has played the fife since he was 8. He started with the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps and later joined the Menotomy Minutemen of Arlington, MA and the Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie of Sudbury, MA. He currently plays for the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers Band and the Grand Republic. John is a founding member of The Lighthouse Brigade, a new corps that plays contemporary music. He is also a founding member of the William Diamond Chamber Ensemble. 

In 2016, John co-founded The Finger Lakes Fife and Drum Corps, a teaching corps in central NY. There, he taught intermediate fife for almost three years. After moving back to Massachusetts for college, he began teaching the beginner fife group at William Diamond. In addition to playing the fife, he plays the flute and piccolo. John has taught flute and fife privately. He is currently a sophomore in college interested in writing and computer science.


Jessica Salazar

jess salazar

Jessica Salazar began playing the fife in 1991 at the age of 5 as a member of the Junior Colonials under the instruction of Heidi Degree, and later, Jason Malli. At age 10, she joined her parents as a part-time member of the Connecticut Blues, and became a full-time member in 2000, where she was instructed by Tishka Musco. Jessica competed with both the Juniors and the CT Blues winning multiple awards for individual, duet and quartet contests. 

In 2008, Jessica graduated from Hamilton College with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. In early 2009, she auditioned for, and won a spot with, the United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, where she met her husband, Josh. While in the Corps, she served as one of the Production Staff Fife Arrangers and was in charge of the Fife Ensemble. After serving for over 6 years, Jessica (and Josh) decided to leave the Army and take life’s path in a different direction. She and her family moved back to CT to be more involved with the CT Blues where in addition to playing the fife, she is a fife instructor. Since last summer, Jessica has earned a degree in nursing and is a working nurse!

This is Jessica’s 6th time volunteering as an instructor at Camp and is looking forward to working with another group of talented and energetic musicians!


Jen Wick

jen wick

Jen Wick played fife with the Marquis of Granby from 1970 to 1979, and has been teaching fife there off and on since around 1999. She was a founding member of the 18th Connecticut Regiment, and has been with Connecticut Valley Field Music for most of its 30 years.

As a young fifer in Marquis, her two dreams were to go to fife and drum camp (which didn't exist at the time), and to stay with the Marquis forever. Life is good!


Kim Zullo

kim zullo

Kim Zullo has been playing fife since she joined the Colonial Musketeers Junior Fife and Drum Corps of New Jersey in the seventh grade. While she was in the Colonial Musketeers, she became an exhibition fifer in the eighth grade, and eventually went on to become the fife sergeant of the corps in 2015. She has taught the younger members for years, and enjoys working with a variety of different fifers. Just this past year, Kim also joined the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers Band.

Kim was a camp member for three years, from 2014 to 2016, and she was in the ensemble for all three years. Her final year as a camper, she was the lead fifer. Her instructors included Bill Hart, Chris Szpara, and Chris Lussier, among others.

Along with the fife, Kim enjoys playing flute and piccolo, which she has been doing since the fourth grade. In high school, she played in high school bands and region bands, as well as pit orchestra. She is currently a freshman studying Biology at Rowan University with a double minor in Spanish and Music. She hopes to eventually attend Veterinary School.



Snare Drum Instructors

Cliff Barrows

cliff barrows

Cliff Barrows started in fife and drum in 1969 with the Junior Colonials of Westbrook CT as a fifer, and later switched to snare drum. In 1976 he joined the Deep River Juniors where he started competing in individual, duet and quartet contests. He has been a member of the Connecticut Blues Fife and Drum Corps since 1979 and has written a number of the drum charts for the Corps. Cliff’s drum instructor through his junior fife and drum years was Ken Lemley, and he later took private lessons from Jim Clark. Instructors for the Connecticut Blues were Paul Cormier and Dan Mullen, who also provided valuable drumming guidance. Cliff has won numerous Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hudson Valley and Northeastern Championships. In 2005, Cliff, along with Don, Brendan, and Colin Mason won the percussion ensemble category at the DCA World Championships. He still plays with the Connecticut Blues with his wife, Judy, Daughter and Son-in-law Jess and Josh Salazar, and when he is on the east coast, son, Peter Barrows. Cliff enjoys helping out at the Fife and Drum camp and feels it is a very rewarding and enjoyable way to perpetuate the fife and drum tradition.


Marty Bryan

marty bryan

Marty Bryan has been volunteering as a snare drum instructor since 2010. A native Rhode Islander and machinist by trade, he was drawn to the fife and drum world during the years leading up to the bicentennial and was particularly inspired by the dozens of great fife and drum corps that marched in the local Gaspee Days Parade. With an interest in history and a love for drumming, Marty joined the Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps of East Greenwich RI, where he was introduced to the "Ancient" style of rudimental drumming, and began marching in 1977. The KGs were blessed to have Henry DeAngelis of the Ancient Mariners as instructor at the time. Henry, who was a master of the ancient style of American drumming, also introduced Swiss rudiments into the Kentish Guards repertoire. In 1990 Marty, along with Henry and Bill Sander, became one of the original members of the Ameri-clique drumline playing the traditional drum music of Basel Switzerland. As a member of the Grand Republic Fife and Drum Corps, since 2011, Marty has been striving  to demonstrate and preserve the Ancient style of drumming that we love so much. "It is always an honor to able to share these traditions and this heritage with the next generation and always humbling to see the dedication and effort that they are willing to put in to keep these traditions alive."


Brendan Mason

Bio Coming Soon!


Peter Mason

peter mason

Peter Mason is a past member of Col John Chester, Portland Fife and Drum Corps, and a few other corps. He was taught by Brendan Mason, David Fontaine, Tim Cecil, Mike Gagnon, and Bill Rotella. He currently plays with Connecticut Patriots, Americlique, and Deep River Seniors. He is a former pastry chef and now the owner of the Mason Jar Drum Company.

Peter has been a past member of the Junior camp since it started and now as an instructor. Some of his most recent adventures include living in Basel in 2016 for two months and playing with Märtplatz Clique for Fasnacht!


Chris Meade

chris meade

Chris Meade has been playing the drums since a very young age and was introduced to the fife and drum world in the 4th grade. He started out playing with the Colonel John Chester Fife and Drum Corps in Wethersfield, CT. After his junior corps days, he joined the Connecticut Blues Fife and Drum Corps of Middletown, CT. Chris has attended the Junior Camp for the past several years. This is his second year teaching at the camp.

Aside from his many fife and drum endeavors, Chris has also played in two Drum Corps International groups, including the Fusion Drum and Bugle Corps of Morristown, NJ and the 7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps of New London, CT while in high school. Chris is currently looking to study music education and teaching drummers for as long as he can.


Josh Salazar

Bio Coming Soon!

Bass Drum Instructors

Simon Andrews

simon andrews

Simon Andrews started learning to play bass drum with the Warehouse Point Junior Fife and Drum Corps when he was only 5 years old. When the corps folded, he moved to Colonel John Chester Fife and Drum Corps where he played with a great drum line under the direction of the Masons. 

After some time away from the ancient Fife and Drum world, he picked up trumpet and played for St. Peter’s Drum and Bugle Corps. He also continued drumming periodically with Yalesville Fife and Drum Corps for a few years. He is now a proud member of the Connecticut Blues Fife and Drum Corps.

Simon is excited to teach at the camp after almost a decade of participating in this wonderful program. He is hoping he can impact young drummers the way the camp impacted him growing up!


Megan Cordeau

megan cordeau

Megan Cordeau has been in fife and drum corps since she was 11 years old. She has been marching in the Chester Fife and Drum Corps since 2006 with both of her parents in the corps as well. Recently, Megan joined the Connecticut Patriots and enjoys playing more challenging pieces and being a part of an amazing new drum line alongside Donny Mason who taught her.

Megan enjoyed her time at Junior Fife and Drum Camp for 6 years and is so excited to return to teach this generation of talented bass drummers!


Mike Dillman

Bio coming soon!


Don Mason

don mason

Don Mason began playing bass drum in the Connecticut Yanks Drum Corps in 1965 and played with the Corps until it disbanded in 1976. After attending college, Don joined the Connecticut Patriots Sr. Fife and Drum Corps where he has played since 1980. Don has competed for many years in individuals, duets and quartets, as well as with the Corps.

Don’s family has long been active in drum corps; he met his wife Patricia in the Ct. Patriots and their children, Brendan, Colin, Peter and Maureen have all participated in the Fife and Drum Camp and are currently in the Connecticut Patriots.

Don joined the Connecticut Valley Field Music Corps where he plays a bass drum that is more than 100 years old. Don teaches bass drum in the Patriots, the Middlesex County Volunteers from the Boston area and the Col. John Fife and Drum Corps from Wethersfield, CT. He is a past president of the Connecticut Fifers and Drummers Association and has taught the bass drum section at the Fife and Drum Camp for many years.


Drum Major Instructors

Mark Logsdon

mark logsdon

Mark Logsdon has been director of the renowned 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps since he and his late wife, Mary, founded the group in 1974. He has had a long association with the award-winning Stevenson High School Marching Band Drum Line and just recently retired from the position of senior drum instructor there. As a private instructor, Mr. Logsdon has had as many as 60 students per week. His students are consistent award winners and several have gone on to pursue professional careers. He holds the distinction of having had former students play with every major Michigan university marching band, The Old Guard (U.S. Army) Fife and Drum Corps, and many other out-of-state colleges and universities. Mark began playing professionally in 1961. His "Top 40" band was one of the top five bands in the metro-Detroit area until it was disbanded in 1996. Mark has toured in the UK, Canada and many states, including 35 consecutive tours of the Boston area during Patriot's Day festivities in April. With experience producing and recording, Mr. Logsdon has worked on movie soundtracks, commercials and CD projects. In fact, the 1st Michigan's recordings are available on iTunes and other music download services. Mr. Logsdon is currently the 1at Vice President of the Company of Fifers and Drummers and helped found the Michigan Music Association in 1972. He regularly serves as advisor, consultant and clinician for bands, fife and drums corps and instrument manufacturers on a national and international basis. Besides having founded the 1st Michigan, Mr. Logsdon is very proud of the legacy of Freezer Jam that has been held in the Midwest for over two decades.Though it is geared toward both Adults and Junior Fife and Drum Corps personnel, Freezer Jam has become a “go to” destination for Eastern Corps and has served as the model for other Junior Fife and Drum Corps weekends held in other areas of the country.