The following LP records are available in the Archives. 

Album TitleArtistDateGenre
100 Joor VKB VKB 1984 Swiss
1958-59 DBC Champions      
1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps First Michigan FDC 1980 Fife and Drum
200 Years of Fife and Drum in America NY Regimentals 1984 Swiss
26 Standard American Drum Rudiments Frank Arsenault   Drum
60 Years Dickerson 1989  
78th Convention of the CT FDA. 1963 Championships Various    
90th CT F&D Assn. Lake Quasepaug 1973 Various    
American Fife and Drum Music Ancient Mariners FDC 1981 Fife and Drum
America's First Army: Sounds of a Militia Muster Colonial Williamsburg    
Archer Eppler Musketeers   1954 Fife and Drum
Army in the West, The      
Basler Trommeln, Das Alfons Grieder   Swiss
Birth of Liberty      
Bits and Pieces Chas. W. Dickerson FDB, New Rochelle, NY    
Bits and Pieces: Dickerson Dickerson   Fife, Drum, and Bugle
CFDA 1963 Championships Various Corps 1963 Fife and Drum
CFDA 1973   1973 Fife and Drum
CFDA 1975 Various. At Lake Quasepaug 1975 Fife and Drum
Civil War - Its Music and Its Sound 2 record Set Eastman Winds    
Colonial Chowder Bethpage Colonials    
Concert of Military Music, A Colonial Williamsburg FDC 1978 Fife and Drum
Confederacy, The Columbia Masterworks 1963 mixed
Corps With the Brass Band Sound, The American Legion Drum Corps Post 29 1965 Drum and Bugle
CT FDA Convention      
Deep River Muster 1967 12 Ancient Corps 1967 Fife and Drum
Deutsche Marsche, Volume 2 German Bands 1981 Band
Dickerson on Parade Dickerson: "Routines"   Fife, Drum, and Bugle
Dream, The National Contest Drum and Bugle Corps 1962 Drum and Bugle
Drummer Boy Various Drummers (set)   Drum
Early American Vocal Music      
Evening With the Corps at Carnegie Hall      
Evening With the Corps, Vol. 1 Sunrisers, Skyliners, Cabelleros, Hurricanes 1969 Drum and Bugle
Fairfield Fife and Drum Corps Fairfield FDC   Fife and Drum
Field Music from 1750-1950 Various    
Field Music from the 1750's to the 1950's Various   Fife and Drum
Fife & Drum Music of the American Revolution v. 1 Colonial Williamsburg FDC    
Fife and Drum March Music St. Joseph's Junior Fife & Drum Corps    
Fife and Drum Musick in America Colonial Saybrook FDC 1971    
Fifes and Drum of Fort Ticonderoga, The Fort Ticonderoga FDC 1975 Fife and Drum
Fifes and Drums New York Regimentals    
Fifes and Drums and the Band of Music Colonial Williamsburg   Fife and Drum
Fifes and Drums and the Band of Musick Colonial Williamsburg FDC    
Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg    
Fifes and Drums of Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg FDC    
Fifes and Drums: Band of Music New York Regimentals 1966 Fife and Drum
For Spirited Men Who Love Their Flag Sailing Masters of 1812, Essex, CT    
Fort Ticonderoga Fort Ticonderoga Fife and Drums    
Frank Fancher Drumming Frank Fancher   Drum
Friendship Through Music Young Colonials 1990  
Glory! Good Shepherd Lutheran FDC    
Hanaford's Fyfes & Drums Hanaford FDC   Fife and Drum
Independence 200 Library of Congress 1957 misc
Live From Leamy Hall United States Coast Guard Band   Band
March Time Eastman Winds   Band
Marschkonig Hermann L. Blankenburg Issleburger Blasorchester 1956 Band
Matter of Pride, A First Michigan FDC 1983 Fife and Drum
Military Fanfares and Marches      
Military Music in America War of 1812 Co. of Military Historians & Collectors    
Music of American Liberty Village Volunteers ? Fife and Drum
Music of the American Revolution v. 1 Nathan Hale FDC    
Music of the American Revolution v. 2 Nathan Hale FDC    
Music of the American Revolution, Vol. 2 Nathan Hale FDC   Fife and Drum
Music of the Hawthorne Cabelleros Hawthorne Cabelleros DBC 1961 Drum and Bugle
Musical Heritage of America vol. 1      
Musical Sounds of the Season United States Coast Guard Band 1981 Band
Mystery Recording Possibly Dickerson    
Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums Nathan Hale FDC    
Old Guard, The The Old Guard FDBC    
Pass in Review British Regimental Bands   Band
Pavarotti's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Luciano Pavarotti 1980 Vocal
Preussens Gloria German Bands 1973 Band
Pride and Joy Colonial Music Society at DRAM 1977 Fife and Drum
Princemen, Vol. 2 Princemen, The   Drum and Bugle
Red Coats Are Coming! Morris County Militia    
Redcoats Are Coming, The Morris County Militia    
Robert Hoe V: In Memoriam United States Coast Guard Band   Band
Some odd format recording     ?
Sousa Marches American Legion Band   Band
Spirit of '76 Eastman Winds   Fife and Drum
Spirit of 76 Music for Fifes and Drums Eastman Winds Golden Import Recording    
St Benedict's Fife and Drum Corps, Bronx, NY St. Benedict's    
St. Vincent's Cadets in Concert St. Vincents Cadets   Fife and Drum
Story of the Coast Guard, The United States Coast Guard Band 1982 Band
Tambouren INF RS 203/85 Drummers from Bern 1985 Swiss
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps Tippecanoe FDC 1975 Fife and Drum
Traveling Through the Jungle Othar Turner and others 1942-1974 Folk
Tunes of a Wayside Inn Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Company   Fife and Drum
Union Army Band, The First Brigade Band    
Union Army Band, The, 1861-1865 1st Brigade Band 1969 Band
Union, The Columbia Masterworks 1963 mixed
United Organization of Eastern Corps Many Corps 1977 Drum and Bugle
Village Volunteers, Delmar, NY Village Volunteers    
VKB Ruesst und Pfyfft VKB, traditional Fasnacht Marches 1977 Swiss
We Play and Beat Yankee Doodle Concord Minutemen 1974 Fife and Drum
World Open DBC Competition v.3 Various 1963 DBC
Yankee Organ Music      
Yanks Are Coming, The Connecticut Yanks FDC   Fife and Drum