Drums #1 & 2 Shells – Slingerland (1976) Hoops – Cooperman Corps – Morris County Militia (1969 – 1981) New Jersey The shells for these drums were purchased by the Morris County Militia in early 1976 along with hoops from Cooperman drums. The shells were undrilled for hardware and were assembled by corps founder Jim Flynn and members of the corps. The snares were all 16”x16” and of the 4 bass drums, this is the largest at 32”x14”. This bass drum was created specifically for their medley of Dvorak’s Symphony for the New World and was carried by Reb Blanchard. The drums were played from the 1976 season until the corps “twilight” performance at the Westbrook Muster in 1981. During this time, these drums were played for 11 of the corps 16 championships, including 3 consecutive Northeast, 6 consecutive New Jersey state and 2 national Championships. Northeast Champions – 1975 – 1978 New Jersey State Champions – 1972-1981 National Champions – 1977 & 1978 (Only years to compete) Donated by Jim Flynn, 1982

Photos by Haley Armstead