On March 12 a call was put out to the fife and drum community to take part in a survey. The intent was to help us all understand what the community expects of The Company of Fifers & Drummers, to assess how well The Company is meeting their needs, and to allow suggestions to be offered. In short, this survey exists to help shape the future of The Company of Fifers & Drummers. 

After two weeks of conducting the survey we had 200 responses. After taking a little time to sift through the results, The Company of Fifers & Drummers would like to offer back to the community a summary of the results. They are very telling and provide clear direction in some areas, less so in others. 

The Executive Board continues to dialogue on the meaning of some of this data, and has committed to a series of special sessions to develop a multi-year plan to better align with the community, and to strengthen both the community and the organization for years to come. Once refined, this long term plan will be shared and ratified by the body of the organization. 

We do hope that you appreciate the summary.