On Saturday April 20 The Company of Fifers & Drummers completed its biennial process to elect a Board of Directors with a final vote tally and turnover ceremony at the quarterly meeting. 

2019-2020 Executive Board2019-2020 Executive Board: Matt Alling, Kara Evans, Brendan Mason, Marty Sampson, Corinne Mitchell (President), Kyle Forsthoff, Pam Perry (Secretary), Scott Mitchell, Ashley Gustafson, Judy Barrows (1st Vice-President), Jim Willey.
Not pictured, Mark Logsdon (2nd Vice-President), Roberta Armstead, Haley Armstead, Bill Ralston (Alternate)


The Company Board of Directors is comprised of an Administrative Committee (5 officers) and an Executive Committee (10 officers). The Administrative Committee has specific responsibilities for running the Company and the Executive Committee oversees Company activities, helps carry out the mission of the Company and reports to the body of the Company (corps delegates at quarterly General Meetings).  


Board of Directors

Administrative Officers

  • President - Corinne Mitchell, Grand Republic, Framingham, MA
  • 1st Vice-President - Judy Barrows, Connecticut Blues, Durham, CT  
  • 2nd Vice-President - Mark Logsdon, 1st Michigan, Sterling Heights, MI 
  • Treasurer - Kristen Livoti, Grand Republic, Framingham, MA
  • Secretary - Pam Perry, Connecticut Blues, Durham, CT


Executive Officers

  • Matt Alling: Ancient Mariners, Guilford, CT
  • Haley Armstead: Deep River Drum Corps, Deep River, CT
  • Roberta Armstead: Deep River Drum Corps, Deep River, CT
  • Kara Evans: Bristol County Fifes & Drums, Bristol, RI
  • Kyle Forsthoff: Kentish Guards, East Greenwich, RI 
  • Ashley Gustafson: Connecticut Blues, Durham, CT 
  • Brendan Mason: Connecticut Patriots, Plainville, CT 
  • Scott Mitchell: Grand Republic, Framingham, MA 
  • Marty Sampson: California Consolidated Band, Chico, CA 
  • Jim Willey: Adamsville Ancients, Delmar NY


Alternate - Bill Ralston: Ameri-Clique, CT

Passing on the Gavel passing on the gavel

Outgoing President Kevin Brown turns over the gavel to incoming President Corinne Mitchell. 



The Company of Fifers & Drummers would like to thank outgoing President Kevin Brown for his leadership through the last four years. Kevin was a presence in all Company events, brought new faces onto the Board while providing continuity with the Company legacy, and drove multiple projects during the renovation of the Company Hall. Kevin set the stage for a new generation of support for the mission of The Company of Fifers and Drummers.

The Board would also like to thank the following outgoing Board members who gave their time so generously to the missing of the Company. 

  • Ken Avery
  • Sara Brown
  • Steve Johnson
  • Donna VanDerMeulen

Look for information about the new administration and plans for the future in the Spring Newsletter.