The Junior Camp staff has announced the theme for the 2022 Junior Fife and Drum Camp!

SOWR Deep River 2001Greetings campers and parents! It has been a long two years off, and we think it’s safe to say that everyone is thrilled that 2022 will see the return of Junior Fife and Drum Camp! We look forward to seeing old friends reunite and to forming new friendships that will last a lifetime - not to mention playing some great music!

This year, we decided to put our focus on a corps whose members made huge contributions to the fife and drum community throughout their lives. Although they had a relaxed, easy-going style, the members of this corps strived for musical excellence, making sure to play even the simplest tunes as well as possible. They also contributed some of the most well-known compositions and arrangements in the fife and drum community today. With all that in mind, we thought it was fitting this year to play the music of the Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion.

The music will be a little different this year. The fife parts won't include any harmonies and the drumming will be a little laid back while focusing on execution. Instead, we will work on playing well in unison and adding some embellishments that are key to the Whiskey Boy’s style of playing. Our intent is to focus on technique and their specific style, being able to play their music the way they played it.

Please check back this week for the placement assessment music. It will be on the website. We look forward to seeing your videos!


In the Ancient Spirit,

Matt Garland

Shawn Meade

Aarin Brown

Erin Ernst

Josh Robbins