Call to Action

Members of The Company,

I am writing to you today to tell you all of some immediate problems facing us at the Company Hall.  

Along with the restoration of the club room which has come at a cost greater than the budget allows, we have run into a now more pressing problem.  

We have all watched as the roof on the building gets worse and worse.  After the deluge yesterday, the damage to the ceiling which is secondary to the age and condition of the roof is rearing its ugly head.  Some of the panels of the drop ceiling are soaking through and endangering some of the artifacts.  We are taking precautions to make sure that nothing is damaged.  What I am asking you to do is to go to your Corps immediately and plead to the members to donate to the cause.  Whether it be something now, or earmarking a pay job in the very near future, anything and everything will help.

The work continues in the club room downstairs and as I said previous is now threatening some  overruns.  Your physical help is needed to get the project done.  Call Dan Riley (860) 304-9506 and ask what you can do and when it can be done.  It is time for you to act.  Sitting on your hands is not a choice.  If I did not believe that this is a serious situation I would not ask, but unfortunately it is and I am.  

Irregardless of your views, dig deep and act. 

It’s Your Company Hall.

In the Spirit,

Kevin Brown, President.