Company Clean Up Day with Valley Regional

The Warriors in the Community program at Valley Regional High School promotes community service by pairing teams of students with community needs. The Company of Fifers & Drummers HQ and Museum  hosted a team from Valley Regional on May 24 for some much needed cleanup work on the grounds and property along with a group of adult volunteers from the Company.

Around 9am, 11 Valley Regional Freshman and history teacher Don Perreault arrived. The day started with a tour of the Museum by Archives Committee Member Matt Alling. The Valley students began their work outside by  raking the leaves and sticks away from in front of the building and the sides and the gardens. They even carted this material away!

The team then turned their attention to the interior of the building, where the bathrooms and the glass display cases were cleaned. A snack of donuts and water was provided for them.

Alongside the Valley students, Company volunteer Bill Armstead mowed the lawn and did other groundskeeping work to tidy up the exterior.

Other, even younger helpers joined in as well!

The kids were picked up around 11:30. They did a great job and we will put The Company on their list again next year!