Company Hall Restoration: The Final Push

With muster season in full swing and a few Tuesday Night / Sunday concerts under our belt, many people have asked where we are with the restoration of the Company Hall and when it will be fully usable again.

It has been difficult to imagine The Company of Fifers & Drummer’s without the first floor where so much has taken place, and I don’t just mean having a beer. The bar is the area where we jam after the Tuesday Night Concerts and catch up with our old friends and connect with new friends. It’s a dining area where we set up coffee and breakfast, lunch, and dinners and share a meal during the events we hold. It’s a room where we have taught numerous fifers and drummers how to play their instruments, or learned something new ourselves. It’s an area of friendship, music, and sharing our traditions.  We haven’t had access to this area for several years, but we’re close.

The list of tasks and projects to complete before we can open the doors to the entire building continues to shrink as we check items off. There are a few large items left (ex: new floor in the bar) and safety related items (ex: handrail on the entrance ramp) that need to be completed, followed by one last cleanup of the building, before we can reopen the bar area.

At this time, we don’t have a specific end-date available. Why?!? If you have ever watched “This Old House” you may have seen the guys go to fix one thing, and when they lift up the rug, they find 4 more things they need to fix. That is what has made the building restoration take longer than planned, and because of that, I would be naive to tell you that it will be done on a certain date.

I can tell you that we’re close, and we’re making a final push to get everything done. I ask for your continued patience and support as we wrap things up. I also ask that you keep an eye out for work party events on Facebook and, if you’re free, come lend a hand to be a part of the restoration.

Please reach out to anyone on the Executive Committee if you have any questions.


In the Ancient Spirit,

Corinne Mitchell

Secretary & Communications Chair