This November, the Museum of Fife & Drum underwent a significant transformation, receiving a comprehensive exterior paint job that revitalized its charm and appearance!


Over the years, the effects of weather and time on the building had become evident, with faded placards, remnants of structural changes, and peeling paint. This painting project was not just about beautification; it was a crucial step in maintaining the museum's condition and ensuring its continued role as a fife and drum landmark. By refreshing its appearance, we aim to provide a more welcoming and engaging environment for our visitors, underscoring our commitment to preserving both our historical artifacts and the building that houses them.

This project, a few years in the making, truly began to take shape in earnest in 2022 and has come to fruition this year. The revitalization of our museum's exterior began with the initiative of board member Roberta Armstead, who diligently sought multiple quotes to evaluate our options. After considering both siding and painting, the Executive Committee decided on painting for its cost-effectiveness and ability to preserve the building's original aesthetic. Our project was financially supported by an $800 donation from California Consolidated Drum Band and rounded out with additional funds from a generous bequest by the late Beverly Napieracz. We chose LaPlace and Eagan, LLC, a reputable local company, for their expertise and their ability to schedule the work before year's end. This careful planning and community support were instrumental in bringing our vision for the museum's exterior to fruition.

The extensive painting project on our museum involved a series of meticulous steps to ensure a high-quality finish. Initially, the team performed a soft wash on the exterior of the building and windows, preparing the surface for the subsequent steps. They then sanded and scraped off all loose and failing paint, followed by caulking and filling holes to ensure a smooth base. An oil-primer, tinted to match the final paint color, was applied to prime the building. The main painting phase included two coats of paint applied to all clapboards, trim, windows, doors, metal handrails, and shutter fronts. Additionally, the steps on the parking lot side of the building were carefully stained, and the deck behind the building was washed and sealed for durability. Last, but not least, the downstairs windows were reglazed, enhancing their durability and appearance.

As a bonus, the team also cleaned the gutters, adding to the thoroughness of the project.

This painting project represents more than a visual enhancement; it is a crucial step in protecting the building against environmental damage and wear, ensuring its longevity and reaffirming our commitment to maintaining a vibrant and welcoming space for our community and visitors for years to come!

Until you can see it in person, please enjoy these photos of the museum with the updated exterior painting.