Museum Building Drainage and Sidewalks

Long overdue, we'd like to share with you some incredible work done to address drainage issues at the Company of Fifers & Drummers Museum by Andrews-Perry Construction, Inc. and supported by donations and discounts from a number of local businesses. 

In response to the President's Call to Action appeal, Andrews-Perry Construction, Inc. reviewed the groundwater damage from the March 2010 flood and determined that significant mitigation would need to be conducted in order to protect the structure and artifacts contained within. Andrews-Perry made this recommendation to ensure that the ground-floor repairs underway were not jeapordized by future water damage. Through discounts and donations from local suppliers Andrews-Perry was able to present a plan that provided the needed repairs for roughly half the market value of the work and materials. The proposal was quickly accepted by the Building Manager and President and work began on June 24, 2016. 

Gutter and footing drains were installed from the front right corner of the building down the Highland Terrace side of the building and exhausted across the grass parking area and into the wooded area. The Highland Terrace side of the building was excavated at the foundation for this purpose and waterproofing material was applied to the foundation wall prior to backfilling. All the existing sidewalks were removed from the front door around and including the Highland Terrace side of the building to the door to the lower level. Access to the building’s well had been encased in the existing sidewalk making access to the well if ever needed very limited.  A new manhole cover for the well was purchased and installed prior to pouring the new sidewalks. This should make any access to the well easier and without needing to damage the sidewalk to gain access. New concrete sidewalks including a concrete ramp into the front door (previously made of wood) were formed and poured from the front door and around the Highland Terrace side of the building to the door to the lower level. A trough drain was installed in front of the door to the lower level. Interior concrete steps to the lower entry were also formed and poured. Work wrapped up on July 22, 2016 after approximatly 296 man-hours of work. 

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The following companies donated materials and discounted services to this project:

  • Aiudi Concrete, Westbrook - 16.5 yards of concrete and delivery
  • Haynes Materials, Deep River - Stone product and concrete debris disposal
  • Target Enterprises, Thomaston - Drainage pipe supplies
  • Spray Tech Barrier Solutions, Newington - Discounted labor on foundation waterproofing
  • Andrews-Perry Construction, Burlington - Discounted labor to install drainage and replace the sidewalks


The following owners and employees of Andrews-Perry Construction Inc. contributed to this 2016 drainage and sidewalk project. Please note their drum corps affiliation present and past:

  • Peter Andrews, Co-Owner (Present - St. Peter's Drum Corps, Past - Prospect Drum Corps, Carey's Cadets Drum Corps)
  • Joe Perry, Co-Owner (Past - St. Peter's Drum Corps, Prospect Drum Corps, Carey's Cadets Drum Corps)
  • Pam Perry, Employee (Present - Connecticut Blues Fife and Drum Corps, Past - Yalesville Jr. & Sr. Drum Corps, St. Peter's Drum Corps)
  • Steven Andrews, Employee (Present - St. Peter's Drum Corps, Past - Prospect Drum Corps, Carey's Cadets Drum Corps)
  • Michael LaMonte, Employee
  • Richard Rulon, Employee 

Please take a moment to thank these skilled tradespeople for their work, and consider them for your next project. The work performed will ensure a safe and dry environment for our Headquarters, and protect our Museum holdings for years to come.