Throughout the month of May, the Museum of Fife & Drum received a massive lighting upgrade through an incentive from Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage program.

In 2022, the journey to brighten and energize the Company of Fifers & Drummers took its first step. Thanks to a partnership with Energize CT, Eversource generously offered a complimentary energy assessment. Enter Sarracco Mechanical Services, who meticulously audited our facility, unearthing numerous areas of improvement not just in lighting, but also heating and cooling. These insights, presented by project manager Mark Mortagua, caught the attention of our Executive Board during our November 2022 meeting.

There was an opportune moment on the horizon: an enticing incentive to revamp our lighting. With a substantial Utility Incentive of $16,000 from Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage program, our financial commitment was cut down to a more manageable $10,000.

But how could we confidently cover this expense? Here's where a heartfelt gesture made all the difference. We had just been bestowed a substantial donation from the estate of Beverly Napieracz. This generous contribution meant that, despite our annual budgetary constraints, we could comfortably take on a 5-year, 0% interest loan, enabling this project to move forward.

The projected annual energy savings stand at an impressive 3,700 KWH, approximately $750 per year. Notably, these savings are set to continue long after we've settled our loan.

Once the administrative side was wrapped up and the paperwork inked, our anticipation grew. We eagerly awaited the arrival of the necessary parts. And then, that thrilling call: the components were in, and installation was imminent!

Nearly every light in the building has been replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting, and many spaces now feature motion-activated lights to reduce excess usage. The main museum hall received brand new recessed lights for the drums, uniforms, and stage, upgraded lights for every display space, and brand new overhead panels for better general lighting. We now have lighting that much more effectively displays our valuable collection! What was once a dark, finicky, and poorly-lit space, is now bright, airy, and adaptable to a variety of uses. Check out the before-and-after photos!!!

Before From StageBefore the lighting upgrade

After from stageAfter the lighting upgrade

As part of the same project, UV-filtering film treatments were placed on the majority of the windows, with the goal of both protecting the Museum artifacts as well as reducing energy costs.

The Company would like to thank Tri-State Glass, Sarracco Mechanical Services, and especially project manager Mark Mortagua for this massive and long overdue upgrade. It truly is a new space, and we look forward to hosting you at our next event!

Until you can see it in person, please enjoy these photos of the museum with the updated lighting.