During recent audio digitization activities at the Archives of The Company of Fifers & Drummers a rare treasure was rediscovered - a recording of the Sons of Liberty performing two medleys that had previously gone unnoticed in the archives. The Company is proud to make these recordings available to the public today, on the 68th anniversary of the performance!

The recordings were made on August 2, 1952 at the Connecticut State Meet in Danbury, CT. The recordings consist of the Sons of Liberty medleys "Culloden Moor" and "Bunker Hill". On the tape liner, Culloden Moor is listed singularly with the specific tunes in Bunker Hill listed sequentially after. The contents of the tape are poorly labeled, being listed in the catalog as "Eastman Symphony w/ Mariners, Sons in 1952". It is not currently known who made the recordings or who the tape may have previously belonged to, though Ed Olsen is perhaps a likely candidate.

In addition to the recordings the presentation includes an article on the Sons of Liberty by Bill Krug, numerous photographs, and the music scores for the two medleys so that you can play along!

sons of liberty fife and drum corps

Please enjoy: https://companyoffifeanddrum.org/museum/archives/sound-files/sons-of-liberty-52