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Special Events

MCV at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Boston's Middlesex County Volunteers spent a month performing at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland.

mcv edinburgh sm

Read more here: 




Jaybirds Day Recap

October 6, 2018 marked the 43rd observance of Jaybird Day, our annual event to honor our “old-timers”.  This year our honored Jaybirds were Carmin Calabrese, Marilyn and Terry Malcarne, and Gus and Debbie Cuccia. 

Carmin Calabrese with our MC Joe Culhane Terry and Marilyn Malcarne Gus and Debbie Cuccia being presented to by their son Dom

It was especially meaningful to have our Honored Jaybirds ( Carmin Calabrese / Marilyn and Terry Malcarne / Gus and Debbie Cuccia ) share with us their special experiences and how they came to Drum Corps.

Read more in the 2018 Jaybird Day Recap




2nd International Rudimental Drummer’s Symposium Held in Paris

From September 28-30 fifty-seven rudimental drummers from 10 countries met in Paris to share musical traditions from their countries relating to Rudimental Drumming, discuss notational systems and their impact on performance, discuss best practices around education and organization of support for traditional activities, and to learn and perform traditional rudimental drumming from each others culture together. The event was hosted by the French drumming society Tambours d'89 at the historic and majestic Les Invalides in Paris, France.

drum paris

Read more about the 2nd International Rudimental Drummer’s Symposium 


Summer Concert Series Recap

This summer we held five Tuesday Night Concerts and two Sunday Concerts. Corps that participated in the Tuesday Night Concerts were: Stony Creek, CT Patriots, Rhine River Rebels, The Wild Bunch, The Sailing Masters, Chester, Bristol County Fifes and Drums, and many musicians joined together for 100 Years of Duke: A Musical Tribute to Duke Terreri. The Sunday Concerts were performed by The Grand Republic, and the Grey Coats International. 

A playlist of the summer concerts (sorry, no Grand Republic recording) can be found on The Company of Fifers & Drummers YouTube Channel

The concert series will resume July 16, 2019 (the Tuesday before Deep River), please reach out to us if your corps would like to play at one of the concerts. 


Along the Frontier

California’s Young American Patriots Hold Competition

The Young American Patriots, a Jr. Fife and Drum Corps situated in Silicon Valley, held their semi-annual intra-corps competition this past July. 

The Young American Patriots

Read more about the Young American Patriots Competition 


2018 Company of Fifers & Drummers Survey Results

The results of our 2018 Company of Fifers & Drummers survey are now available! The survey is conducted every two years and is open to all interested members of the fife and drum community (not just members of The Company of Fifers & Drummers). The purpose of the survey is to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of our community so that we can structure the organization to best meet our mission to perpetuate the historical significance and folk traditions of fife and drum music and to foster the spirit of fellowship among fifers and drummers everywhere in a changing world. This community input is also used to gauge the efficacy of past efforts so that we can make appropriate adjustments to our work. 


Read more about the 2018 Company of Fifers & Drummers Survey Results 



This Autumn we mourn the passing of two members of our community. 

Lee Zuidema sm

Lee Zuidema

Lee Zuidema (96) passed away on August 21, 2018 at his home surrounded by his family, and is now with his beloved wife, Jo.

Read more about Lee Zuidema

Gunnar Grenman sm

Gunnar Grenman

Gunnar Grenman, 64, of Higganum, CT, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, August 10, 2018.

Read more about Gunnar Grenman


Industry News

The Cooperman-Loyal Transition

In response to a number of inquiries from our community The Company of Fifers & Drummers asked Cooperman and Loyal Drums for more information about their recent partnership announcement. The following release was provided. 

Cooperman and Loyal

Read more about the Cooperman-Loyal Transition 


Company Announcements

Bylaws Changes

The Executive Committee, Trustees, and General membership have approved a change to the bylaws that remove the domestic requirement for full voting membership. Effective immediately delegates of non-US member corps that meet the eligibility for the Ancient class of membership will have full voting rights in Company affairs. 

Updated copies of the bylaws are available in the Governance section of this website and will be available at the next Company Meeting (11/17/18).




Modernizing Fire Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

The Executive Committee has voted to move forward with a plan to modernize our Fire Detection and Intrusion Prevention systems at the Company of Fifers & Drummers HQ and Museum. We are currently applying for grants for this project as the costs are substantial. As we move forward with these system updates, we will keep the community apprised of the progress.  




2019 Elections

Elections for Executive and Administrative Boards will take place at the April 2019 Company Meeting, with ballots being sent out following the February 2019 Meeting. If you are interested in running for the board please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 1, 2018. 




September General Meeting Minutes Published

Members can view the meeting minutes from the September General Meeting by logging into the Company website. Meeting Minutes are available from the Members menu. 

Upcoming Events

Community Events

Don’t miss the Haunted Hunger Jam on October 27. You can see these events on the fife and drum events calendar on our website and our Facebook page.




Company of Fifers & Drummers Meetings

Saturday, November 17, 2018


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