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Special Events

1st Annual Juniors Jollification

On December 8th the first event sponsored by the recently reconvened Juniors committee took place at the Company Hall. The event was held following the Saybrook Torchlight parade and was intended to provide a junior-friendly environment to socialize and jam after the torchlight parade. 

francis rules  starting up the jam

See more pictures and read about the 1st Annual Juniors Jollification.




Haunted Hunger Jam

On October 27th, the Company of Fifers & Drummers hosted a special event entitled the “Haunted Hunger Jam”. Created and run by Haley Armstead, the event was intended to give back to the local community that the Company HQ and Museum calls home. The entry fee for the Jam was a non-expired food item.

As a result of the event, 32 pounds of food were donated to food pantries in Deep River and Chester, CT, and music was made! The Jam session went on through the evening and a costume contest was held where the winner, a local community member named Sofia, won a gift certificate to The Sweet Shoppe in Deep River. Thank you to everyone who came down and participated!




CT Blues take on Cleaning Day at the Company HQ and Museum

blues cleanup the company hall

The Connecticut Blues Fife & Drum Corps has revived an old tradition of corps volunteering to do maintenance activities at the Museum of Fife and Drum. On February 10 the entire corps took on the cleaning activities and left the hall in great shape! Read about the Connecticut Blues at the Company.


President’s Farewell Message

Kevin Brown, President of The Company of Fifers & Drummers

Thank you, Kevin, for all your hard work and dedication!

After a 4-year run as President of The Company of Fifers and Drummers, Kevin Brown is stepping down. Please take a moment to read his farewell message.



Ed Classey DVD - Video Series

In December the Company of Fifers & Drummers published a series of videos that were taken from a DVD donated to The Company by the family of Ed Classey.

classey shop


Response to these videos has been enthusiastic, and if you have not had an opportunity to see them then start here!


We Need Your Help

As a non-profit, the Company of Fifers & Drummers relies upon donations as part of its funding plan. We supplement this as much as possible by applying for grants. Corps and Individual memberships cover only a small portion of the annual operating budget. If you are interested in the details you can read our Financial Disclosure

Each year, we go through a process to review our expenses to determine what our operating budget is - exclusive of special projects. This year, we have set a goal of $6,000 in donations to keep the building open and functioning. We are currently 45 days into a 60 day campaign and are below 40% of our goal with contributions from 29 donors. 

To ensure the organization can remain solvent for the 2019 season, we need your financial support. We have a lot of events planned - Tuesday Night and Sunday Concerts, Jaybirds Day, Junior Jam(s), and our operating expenses around the website, newsletter, and other special events need to be covered. Additionally, we want to move forward with our strategic plan based off of the feedback from the 2018 community survey - but we need the Organization and the Headquarters and Museum fully funded before we can focus our efforts on that.

Please donate to our 2019 Annual Fundraising Drive, any amount is appreciated. 

Additionally, consider supporting the Company through shopping at Amazon Smile. At no additional cost to you, Amazon donates 0.5% of the value of your purchase to the non-profit of your choice. For example, $0.05 would be donated for a $10.00 purchase. While this may seem very small, every little bit helps. Read more about using Amazon Smile.




This Winter we mourn the passing of six members of our community. 

Joe Torrito

Joe Torrito

Joe Torrito passed away on September 27th at home in Mineola, NY, he was 94 years old.

Read more about Joe Torrito

  Nick Attanasio

Nick Attanasio

Nicholas C. Attanasio, 96, died Monday November 19, 2018 at the New Paltz Center for Rehabilitation in New Paltz.

Read more about Nick Attanasio

  Joan White Donald

Joan White Donald

Joan White Donald of Oxford, CT passed away on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

Read more about Joan White Donald

  ron choronzy

Ronald P. Choronzy

Ronald P. Choronzy of Branford died Tuesday January 8, 2019 at his home.

Read more about Ronald P. Choronzy

  Carol Willey

Carol F. Willey

Carol F. Willey, 87, of Slingerlands, passed away on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Red more about Carol F. Willey

  William Frank

William Noel Frank

William Noel Frank, 81, of Deep River passed away January 16, 2019 surrounded by his devoted family.

Read more about William Noel Frank



Upcoming Events

Community Events

Tittabawassee Valley Fife & Drum is hosting the 24th Anniversary of the Midwest Conference of Fifes, Drums and Pipes on Feb 16, 2019 in Midland, MI.




Company of Fifers & Drummers Meetings

Saturday, February 16, 2019


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