Announcing the grand-opening of the new Company of Fifers & Drummer’s online store!

company store launch announcementThe Company of Fifers & Drummers is re-launching its online store! Like most online retailers, we’ve had to make the switch away from holding large inventories and using our volunteer resources to pack and ship materials. We have partnered with leading fulfilment companies and feel that we can both improve the quality of goods and speed of delivery that our customers expect and deserve. 


In order to celebrate the opening of the new store, we’re offering 10% off your entire purchase until December 5!


Our books are being printed and shipped by Lulu Express, and for the first time all books published by The Company of Fifers & Drummers have been registered with ISBN numbers. This begins to open up possibilities for selling through other channels as well as our website. 

Our clothing and merchandise are being printed and shipped by Printful. This provides more options without increasing our cost to deliver. 

This method of operation allows us to have more items available, minimizes our up-front costs, and speeds up the entire process by weeks and allows our volunteers to focus their time on other efforts. 


Items for Sale Now

The items we are selling fall into the same categories as before and will include most of the items that had been previously available. 

  • Music Books
    • Because we are operating in a print-on-demand method, we will only be selling books that we have either published or those that authors have authorized us to sell without paying royalties to them. This may change in the future, but was beyond the scope of the initial launch of the new store. 
    • For books that are not published by The Company of Fifers & Drummers, we will continue selling these at in-person events. 
  • Apparel (shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc)
  • Merchandise (mugs, stickers, etc)


Coming Soon

The Company of Fifers & Drummers is in the process of moving all of its publications into this store. We have prioritized the most sought after titles, and will follow up with the rest of the catalog shortly. 

Publications coming soon:

  • The Company Music Books - Volume III and IV
  • The John McDonough Books
    • John J. McDonagh Fife & Drum Band Compositions and Arrangements
    • John J. McDonagh Advanced Fifing Compositions and Arrangements
    • Fife Instruction Manual
  • The Roy Watrous Book
  • The Sturtze Drum Instructor - Earl Sturtze
  • American Rudimental Method for Field Drumming - Ed Classey


Let us know what you think!