Although there is less emphasis on print media today, do not neglect it. Have someone in your group write a press release for your open house or event. It is helpful to have  have two versions, 100 and 150 words. Then, these can go to a variety of places. We’ve included the school papers and newsletters here in printed sources. Even if your local schools won’t take a press release, see if they will put something in their printed calendars. Remember, your goal is to saturate your market, so put your press release in the following places:

  • Local newspapers

  • Insert into the local paper (8.5 x 11 flyer - it is usually not very expensive. Contact the advertising person.)

  • Local parenting paper

  • Local arts paper

  • High school newspaper (see if they have a place to advertise)

  • Middle school and elementary school newsletters (printed or online)

  • Elementary/middle/high school performing arts program ads

  • Homeschooling newsletters

  • Private/charter school newsletters

  • Newsletters for houses of worship

  • Local “Shopper” paper

  • Education foundation ads

  • Any free newspaper