Interview Transcription

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Introductions and Soistman's early drumming instruction 00:00
History of drumaking in the Soistman family 01:26
Harry C. Soistman at the 1925 competition 04:10
Fife and Drum in the National Guard in Maryland 07:23
Soistman's career in theatre drumming and first meeting Gus Moeller 12:57
Moeller's playing style 14:59
Historical recollections of Bruce, Emmett, and the B&E book 15:26
Baltimore area corps 18:15
Marie Soistman's background 21:23
Joe Carter background 22:12
Banter, Soistman addressing Olsen 23:10
Soistman's opinions on who he thought the best drummers were 26:22
Banter and discussion of Moeller's artifacts, equipment, etc. 27:41
A few newly emergent corps 31:30
Correspondence and collaboration with Alfons Grieder 34:16
Soistman's health 36:34
Soistman on working on the Old Guard drums, restoring the US Army Band's Moeller drums, and drums used at John F. Kennedy's funeral 38:10
The Virginia Tattoo 42:39
Boddie aspires for the Company to host a tattoo 44:33
Similarities between Moodus and English/French grip concepts 46:07
Side Break 46:52
Emerging interest in Fife and Drum Corps in advance of the Bicentennial and Company involvement 47:13
DisneyWorld Fife and Drum Corps (Orlando) 48:58
Banter 51:32
Meeting Ed Olsen, Centennial Legion 52:42
Billy Bischoff, Knickerbocker Greys 56:38
Moeller making drums, teaching Charles W. Dickerson corps with Classey, Classey forms Mt. Vernon corps 58:25
Recollections of Moeller's teaching style with Charles W. Dickerson 1:02:08
Moeller's character/personality 1:04:47
Moeller's approach to tucking heads 1:07:14
Moeller's eating and clothing habits 1:08:28
Moeller's later life, march down 5th Ave at 70 years old, 1930 march to Boston 1:15:00
The Moeller Book 1:16:40
Discussing Lyons and Lemley, reminiscing about the passing of Buster Fry(sp?) 1:21:32
Modifying Sonny Lyons' snare setup 1:29:36
Discussing plastic drum heads and covers 1:30:58


Archival Notes

Date: ?/27/1971

Interviewed by Dave Boddie with Marie Soistman and Joe Carter

Tape #207

File Length 94 min.