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Opening banter, introductions. Sturtze's efforts to get his book published 00:00
Changes in Sturtze's teaching method over time. Modern drummers and modern writing. Use of the Sturtze code. Other notation systems- Swiss, Strube, etc. Sturtze's composition process 03:09
Carl Frolich (Sturtze's first teacher), his notation. Humphrey corps 10:16
Enmity with Burns Moore. The 1940 World's Fair competition. His students. Corps taught 13:40
George Gallagher. "Old style" technique for playing drum rolls 19:01
GAR corps 21:58
Frank Fancher. J Burns Moore 22:26
Jimmy Ryan 27:36
Dan English 28:15
George Lawrence Stone (Larry) 30:07
Change in drumming styles over time. Music of the M&M corps 31:09
Sturtze appeals for a common repertoire. Teaching the "standard beats" 34:05
Modern drummers' skills. M&M instruction. Plastic vs skin heads 39:01
Judging M&M corps,. Vince Mott. Bob Van Deck. WWI veteran players 42:50
Changes in judging over time. Bob Ward judging. Max Welker judging Bugles 47:14
Fifing in NY vs drumming in CT. Outstanding NY corps. St. Anselm's and St. Benedict's. Instruction by Ed Classey (Snr) 50:20
Al Moffat (Snr) 53:08
Joe Hathaway 54:38
Odell Chapman 57:07
Doc Wheeler. Johnny Began (Worcester Continentals) 57:32
Ted Kurtz 01:00:01
Frank Howard. George Cook [tape distortion last minute of side] 01:00:53
Side Break 01:02:24
Frank Martin. Ed Lemley. Ruth O'Neill 01:02:50
Ruth O'Neill and Sturtze competing against Frank Fancher 01:05:44
Joining Lancraft, later Yalesville 01:06:55
Sturtze's best students. Tommy Mannion(sp?). Johnny Bodner(sp?). Sonny Lyons joining the Mariners 01:08:48
Stratford. Ziggy [last name?]. [Alan?] Brozek. Drake 01:11:58
Howard Keneally. Bob Redican 01:17:06
NY drummers- George Ripperger, Ginger Ploeger, Eric Perrilloux, Les Parks 01:19:12
Strutze's memories of old local (New Haven) corps. Piccolo   Flute competition class 01:20:48
Jimmy Gomperts. Rising competition standards 01:27:02
Howie Kling. Limitations of older players (particularly Fancher) 01:28:55
Variety of teaching styles/techniques. Risk of CF DA destroying rudimental drumming (Charlie Poole). Making competition easier to attract numbers. Loss of fundamentals in American culture. 01:30:45
Les Parks's style and education ("Regimental style") 01:33:14
An appeal to return to strong fundamentals. The need for better instructors 01:36:06
Definition of "Ancient". Ronnie (female drummer). Art Gomperts playing Organ. Sturtze's teaching horse 01:38:33
Father Matthew's corps. Noah Webster corps 01:44:21
Improvements in fifing 01:46:34
McDermott judging. Ginger Ploeger 01:48:15
Jimmy Woods 01:53:12
Stories of Johnny "Smitty" Smith drinking. Lancraft's partying exploits. [first name- FX?] O'Connell 01:53:43
Friendliness among the Ancient corps 01:59:21
Mattatuck. Impressions of Swiss corps and drummers. Ken Lemley learning Basel style. Robert Goute. Stepping off with the left foot 02:00:12


Archival Notes

Date: 2/11/1977

Interviewed by Ed Olsen with Sonny Lyons, Ed Classey Jr.

Tape #243

File Length 124 min.