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Introductions 00:00
Earl's early influences 00:31
Earl describes his style. Evolution of Sturtze "code" 01:47
Top competition corps in Earl's youth 03:29
Contest judging 05:16
Influence of Ludwig and other corporations. NARD 06:00
CT style. Ancient style 06:52
Worcester Continentals 08:27
Modern corps using rudimental style 10:43
Earl's instruction from Carl Froelich and early corps experiences 11:29
New Haven corps. Bob Saunders 13:24
Frank Fancher and Harry Soitsman 15:13
1940 World's Fair competition 16:54
Gus Moeller. Terry O'Connor 20:34
Influence of Strube, Gardner books and Bill Ludwig on the writing of the Sturtze book 21:28
NY and NJ area competitions in the 1920s. Ruth O'Neill 22:48
Earl's competition history 23:52
Competition rules and changes over time 25:52
Earl's experience playing with Modern corps 27:04
M M corps experiences 27:55
Impressions of Swiss drumming. Description of the Swiss scene 30:09
George Lawrence Stone 33:31
Earl's impressions of NARD founders 34:33
Odell Chapman corps 36:24
Rudimental Bass Drummer Marty Kling(sp?) 36:55
Frank Martin 38:26
Johnny "Smitty" Smith. Joining Lancraft 39:40
Dan English. Teaching the St. Francis corps 42:14
Woodmen of the World Corps 45:10
The Sturtze System. Comparisons with regimental style 45:50
Ed Pierce (from NJ) 47:57
Sturtze stops competing. Jimmy Ryan 49:21
Major Allen (Hartford), Putnam Phalanx (Hartford). Drum Only competition class. Recollections of other players 50:41
Use of the terms Field Music and Martial Music 53:03
Recollections on teaching. Memorable students 53:55
Resurgence of the Ancient style. Critique of contemporary Ancient drum writing. George Carroll's opinion of the Sturtze Book. NY influence on the skill of contemporary Ancient fifers and drummers 55:45


Archival Notes

Date: 6/8/1972

Interviewed by Ed Olsen with Veronica Sturtze, Bill Orkney

Tape #70

File Length 62 min.