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Introduction, first corps. Instruction by Charlie Tarr and Earl Sturtze. Learning brass instruments and forming a Boys Club band, WWI. WWII. Directing the Governor's Foot Guard band. 00:00
Charlie Tarr. Earl Sturtze playing with Lancraft. Well-known fifers and drummers. 07:35
Foot Guard Field Music 09:42
Corps in Waterbury and Torrington. Transportation to events. 10:36
Corps visiting from out of state 13:12
Systems of drumming. Notation systems. Village Quickstep. 14:00
Fife construction and materials. Use of mouthpieces. Charlie Tarr teaching by ear. 15:34
Contact with corps from eastern CT. Colonial-style uniforms. 17:37
Bridgeport-area Ancient corps 20:29
Lancraft uniform and drumline 21:31
Judging in the CF&DA 22:13
Attempts to unionize the drum corps in New Haven, relationship with larger musicians union [AFM?]. 24:51
Favorite tunes. Teta's personal library. 28:09
National Guard and GAR corps 29:21
Definition of "Ancient" 30:01
Bass Drummers using wooden mallets 31:08
Side Break 31:42
Memories of New Haven corps - Morris, Quinnipiac Hose Co., Edgewood. Formation of the Montrose corps. The 2nd Regiment Band serving in the Mexican-American War. Reorganization as the 102nd Band. 2nd Regiment March. Recollections of Max Welker. 31:53
Other New Haven corps- Irish-American corps, Redmen corps. 40:12
Merwin Post GAR. Bunnell drum corps. 41:27
Stony Creek. New Haven Greys. Foot Guards writing their history. 44:34
Fifing Styles. Teta's first parade. Current parade business strategy. 47:14
Homemade vs manufactured instruments and equipment 51:03
Memories of noteworthy parades 51:50
Ancient corps socializing. Junior corps. Emergence of girls participating. End of Teta's F&DC career. 52:51
GAR corps influence. Styles of drum construction. 56:11
George Cook. Alex Smith. George Heyer. J Burns Moore. Teta sponsoring two young students. 56:56


Archival Notes

Interview with Major Anthony R. Teta

Date: 2/13/1973

Interviewed by Ed Olsen and Bill Gallagher

Tape #85

File Length 85 min.