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Introduction and background. F&D as a folk art. Preservation in southern CT. 00:00
Seeing members of the Mariners in Guilford, attending DRAM for several years beginning 1962. The Hetzels and Charlie Hogan decide to form a corps. 03:22
Inspiration from Ray Brodeur 09:06
Civic involvement in Coventry 11:55
Demonstration by Santa Fe corps (Meriden). Charlie Garrow (sp?) helping source music and equipment. 16:31
Meeting with George Carroll. Carroll's background. 21:32
Researching at museums, historical societies, historical sites, the Smithsonian, etc. 27:36
Ray Brodeur as first music instructor 29:37
Choosing Nathan Hale as the corps namesake. Local Rev War history. Historic basis for why the corps is co-ed. 30:53
Researching the uniform. Molds for the pewter buttons. Sourcing authentic uniform materials. Bass Drums. 39:35
Forming the Field Music and Knowlton's Rangers 45:54
(side break) 47:48
Knowlton's Rangers uniforms 47:54
Forming the Artillery. Forming the Artificers and Home Skills groups. The corps as a full-family affair. 48:28
Performing at interesting historical sites and traveling abroad. Competing at Colonial Williamsburg. 51:58
Using different fife models. Provocative Carroll quote around the 58:00 mark. 55:52
The corps's reputation for authenticity. The corps's approach to recordings. The corps's sound. Smitty's playing style (John Smith?). Contrasts in modern and historical lifestyles. 59:05


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Mickey Sweeney with Wilma Sweeney

Date: 5/16/1984

Tape #119

File Length 70 min.