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Introduction (sounds like they are in a hospital). Coney Island Steeplechase corps. Early members. 00:00
Repertoire and sources 02:35
Members playing with other corps. Performing at Coney Island. 04:10
Mike's early years on Mulberry St. NYC (Little Italy, 1908). Early instructors. 06:18
Emerson corps (NYC). Old-time fifers and drummers in the area. Other corps in Little Italy & Chinatown. 08:39
Fife, Drum, & Bugle corps. Chiodo's use of bugles from 1911. 10:27
Ancient corps in NY & NJ- Plainfield, Paterson Old Continentals 11:29
Oldest corps in NJ- the Hexamers (1882), the Nationals 12:28
(Ferrante side conversation) 14:21
Old corps from NY- Kirks, old names (the Crescents), popularity in the 1930s 14:54
Johnny Wilson. Clarence Bliss. Kirks using both flutes and fifes until outlawed by NY Assoc. 16:25
Corps playing for political campaigns and funerals 17:39
Closing remarks 19:36


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Doc Ferrante

Date: 1972

Tape FC3 side A

File Length 21 min.