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Introduction. Creation of the Swiss Mariners. 00:00
What is attractive about the American drumming style. Playing in different tempi. 02:15
Roy Watrous enters. Recounting of the origin of the Swiss Mariners. 04:21
Drums by Freddie Werber. Dimensions and plastic vs skin heads. 09:33
Fifes by John McDonagh. Instruction by Hans Schneider (sp?) & Urs Ganz. Urs Ganz's dedication to fifing. 12:00
Positive reception of the American style in Switzerland 13:40
Swiss perception of American style as more "traditional" 14:44
French influence on Swiss drumming. Swiss mercenaries in France 1400s-1600s. Similar tunes between Provence and Basel. 15:32
Dr. Berger and evidence of drumming in Basel from the 1200s 19:33
Change of venue to Madison, CT the following day 20:25
Drums at the Battle of Laupen (1339). State Piper was possibly a fifer. Fifing guilds. Fifers as 'town criers'. 20:53
Drum origins from Crusades as signalling instrument 23:46
Fifer's Day (Phyfferdaag) in Ribeauville, Alsace (France) 25:18
Napoleonic repertoire in firemen's F&D corps in France. Plans to meet Robert Goute the following year. 29:01
Similarities between French, Swiss, and American drumming styles. Influence of Napoleonic wars on militaries throughout Europe & US (uniforms, organization, etc). 31:53
Basel Regimental Corps taught by Dr. Berger. Only drummers in the military regiments, fifers only in the bands. 33:31
Canton Wallis styles of fifing and drumming. Style being discarded in favor of Basel style. Influence of Vatican Swiss Guards. 34:55
Discussion of Moodus and importance of maintaining traditional playing styles 38:34
Battle of Marignano (1515). Using fifes of different lengths (see Urs Ganz interview for more detail). 40:00
Use of chrome-plated drums in Basel from the 1930s 41:21
Drum makers in Basel 42:32
Using "Berezina style" drums in the Swiss military (named after the Battle of Berezina, 1812) 43:36
Influence of Dr. Berger on drumming style in Basel; Pre-Berger code notation. Fidelity to author's notation vs folk process. 45:58
Competing against Mäni Vogt in the 1960s. Vogt and Alfons Grieder instructing VKB. 51:28
The Alti Garde tradition in Basel 53:12
Friction between Basel corps and the STV. Use of the term 'Jollification'. 54:55
Swiss in the French Foreign Legion 57:28
German fife & drum corps 59:05


Archival Notes

Interviewer: Ed Olsen with Bill Pace and Roy Watrous

Date: July, 1976

Tape #26

File Length 61 min.