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Introductions 0:00
Bill Gallagher on his troubles learning Huntington 0:49
Fred and Earl's first instructors and first corps 2:01
Local Ancient corps in the early 1900s 7:21
The Lancraft and Foot Guards years 9:27
Fred's influential fifers 10:18
Fred's competition years 12:00
Earl competing against George Gallagher, Dan English, Frank Fancher, and J Burns Moore 12:53
Common competition fife tunes 16:54
Memories of Ted Kurtz. Fife designs 19:24
Memories of the Worcester Continentals 22:00
Frank Fancher. The development of Earl's method. Working on the streetcars in Buffalo. Early teaching experiences 23:36
Fred discusses his collection of fifes. Learning fife code 29:00
Earl's old corps in Buffalo 31:08
Earl's fondest students 33:20
Bob Van Deck, American Legion 34:26
Flute & Drum and Piccolo & Drum competition classes. Other ensembles. "Kilty" (pipe) bands 37:04
New Jersey drummers 39:45
Regional styles of fifing 41:10
Southwestern CT corps and players 42:26
Side Break 47:10
The NY Regimentals. Popularity of "Turkey in the Straw" and "Arkansas Traveler" 47:38
Teaching in the schools 50:23
Earl's evaluation of M&M Corps. Decline of rudimental drumming.Vince Mott. "Marching Orchestra" 53:40
Impressions of The Old Guard 57:41
Playing "Hanover Hornpipe" 01:01:11
Playing "Miss McLeod's Reel" 01:03:38
Earl judging competitions in pre-WWII New York. Discussion of NY corps and players 01:05:11
Frank Martin and Ed Lemley. Reintroducing rudimental drumming in NY 01:11:23
Ed Classey (Jnr) 01:13:34
Playing "The Whipple" 01:15:12
Earl's difficulty teaching Matty Lyons. Les Parks and Bob Ward (Ablondi) in competition 01:22:30
The Strube and Sturtze systems. The Sturtze Book. Correspondence with Alfons Grieder. Pitching a trip to Switzerland 01:29:27


Archival Notes

Date: 5/4/1972

Interviewed by Ed Olsen with Bill Gallagher, Bill Orkney, Mrs. (Fred) Sturtze, Mr. Ludwig

Tape #242

File Length 94 min.